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Children’s Pool seawall should not be repaired

I have read with interest the recent La Jolla Light article regarding repairing the Children’s Pool seawall (“La Jolla submits Children’s Pool structural report and awaits word on sought-after repairs to seawall,” Jan. 26).

I share the desire of many San Diego residents to return the Children’s Pool to the condition that it was in when Ellen Browning Scripps donated it to the children of San Diego. As a young girl born in San Diego in 1941, I personally swam in the pool as a child and had great fun doing so.

However, those days are passed and will not return. The Children’s Pool is no longer a children’s pool because the seals have taken it over and it is too polluted for children’s use.

Thus, today it is a seal habitat and nothing more. That will not change. Thus, given that nature has taken over the pool, it’s time to let the pool return to its natural state. In other words, it’s time to let the seawall come down and let nature take over.

Nancy Linck

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La Jolla Shores beach safety needs improvement

Late Saturday afternoon, Jan. 28, during my daily walk on the La Jolla Shores beach dodging footballs, Frisbees and speeding bikes, I was knocked hard to the ground by one of the dozen or more college-age people playing football.

When I spotted the group in the middle of the beach, I moved closer to the water to stay out of their way. Suddenly they were rushing toward me. The man holding the ball, staring right into my face, charged into me. I landed on my back.

The back of my winter wool coat was covered with damp sand and my head and knees suffered pain for more than a day. I am 85 years old.

The man and a young woman, part of the group, apologized, claiming they did not see me. As I walked away, still shaken, I turned to see them continuing their game.

I walked to the lifeguard station and tower. It was 4:15 p.m. No sign of a lifeguard. I waited in vain for 15 minutes, like the previous summer, when a child, about 6 or 7, riding his non-motorized scooter on the promenade ran into the back of my leg, causing an injury lasting several days.

I urge action to correct such foreseeable accidents before someone is more seriously injured. Perhaps an appropriate portion of the beach could be reserved for sports games, Frisbees, drones, bike riding, scooters, etc., so the rest of us can walk, sit or lie on the beach safely.

Ethel Sweed

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Hoping skate park idea rolls out of town

Oh my! Please, do we really need an unsightly concrete structure in the middle of La Jolla? (“La Jolla skate park idea finds new life as effort to find a spot begins,” Jan. 26, La Jolla Light).

I say make it remote and add more green areas. How about a doggy park?

Anne Gilchrist

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