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Letters to the editor:

Pollution is a bigger threat than sharks

I read with a mix of amusement and disappointment your article on the alleged shark attack on a sea lion (“Dead sea lion raises question of shark presence in La Jolla waters,” Dec. 29, La Jolla Light).

First, according to statistics by, people are in California’s ocean waters approximately 129 million times a year. At the same time, according to California Department of Fish and Wildlife estimates, there are 1.8 human/white shark encounters per year off the entire West Coast of North America. In San Diego County, there have been less than 25 documented unprovoked shark attacks on humans in the past 100 years.

Sharks are not my worry and shouldn’t be yours. Instead, your worry should be with what I see daily in the ocean: plastic bags, paper, plastic water bottles, fast-food wrappers, diapers, cigarette butts, etc.

You should be scared of the stories I hear about the infections and illnesses my fellow surfers are getting from exposure to polluted waters.

Humans, not sharks, are the real threat.

David Boss

— — —

Russ Jenkins is well-deserving of attention

I was thrilled to see that Russ Jenkins was highlighted in the Jan. 5 “People in Your Neighborhood” story in the La Jolla Light.

We lived near The Cove for three months last year and we love Russ! He became best friends with my dog and made sure to give her a treat every time she walked by. We miss seeing his friendly smile every day.

Thank you, Russ, for being such a meaningful part of this community!

Lani Keller

— — —

A teachable moment for young drivers

On a quiet Sunday afternoon I was walking across Fay Avenue at Kline Street. There was no traffic, but when I was halfway across, a white Range Rover came and rolled past the stop sign, oblivious to the fact that I was crossing the street.

The car turned right on Kline and pulled into a parking space in front of the juice store. Being a mother and grandmother, I spoke to them. They were a very young couple, most likely driving a car belonging to parents. The young driver said he did stop and asked if I had recorded it. Then he hurried into the juice store and said, “Have a nice day”!

If you are parents or grandparents of a young teen driver, please teach them that rolling through a stop sign is illegal. Also tell them that pedestrians have the right of way. And tell them that kindness and consideration are admirable traits.

Patti Zadeyan

— — —

Wishes for 2023 from a Children’s Pool seal

As told to Dr. Jane Reldan, president of the Seal Conservancy:

I’m Roxy, a harbor seal pup from Casa Beach (sometimes I hear people call it the Children’s Pool).

My mom told me the area has been closed for almost 10 years during pupping season, which is Dec. 15 to May 15, to keep us safe due to some bad experiences in the past with rude people. Did you know that people used to try to sit on us or get too close and stick their phones in our faces?

We prefer to be observed from afar and not have people walk too close to us in our home and while we sleep. Our home is tiny, only 152 feet wide. We’re grateful that people use the rest of the beautiful beaches in San Diego during pupping season.

The harbor seal colony and I look forward to another healthy, human-free pupping season this year. We are thankful to the city of San Diego for our protection, including a viewing guideline rope and signage for the rest of the year to keep people at least 50 feet away from us.

We wish that we could be protected forever and ever.

Olivia Stafford

— — —

A simple idea for San Diego

Regarding “Here are ideas San Diego is considering to boost city revenue” (Jan. 5, La Jolla Light):

Here is an idea: Spend less.

Tony Pauker

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