Our Readers Write: ‘Spaces as Places,’ Village foxes, no flyover

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Letters to the editor:

Dining space on street parking should be stopped

I continue to be concerned about the use of La Jolla public parking spaces for the

“Spaces as Places” initiative (“‘Spaces as Places’ gets December hearing at Coastal Commission,” News Nuggets, Dec. 1, La Jolla Light).

The wholesale hogging of spaces, regardless of fees paid, advantage restaurants that push out into public parking spaces and disadvantage smaller Village businesses whose patrons cannot access those businesses because of lack of parking. This is totally unfair.

Yes, fees are paid by these restaurants, but that is beside the point. The city apparently welcomes the fees to support other projects that have little or nothing to do with our Village.

In addition to the unfair usage of public parking spaces, the “parklets” are unattractive. I was struck by the photo in the Dec. 1 La Jolla News Nuggets. How similar is the Puesto enclosure to Western cattle pens at roundup? Is this how we want La Jolla to look?

It is hard to believe that La Jollans are not in an uproar about this program relative to street parking encroachment. I urge our residents and friends to write to the Coastal Commission and urge that the street parking aspect of Spaces as Places be struck down.

Karen Dyer

— — —

Owners of small pets, beware of predators

I wanted to get the word out to owners of small pets living in The Village area.

A pair of gray foxes has been seen on our security camera on our driveway several times in the early hours of the morning (for instance, 2:26 a.m.).

The foxes were filmed as recently as Dec. 2.

A gray fox is seen in an image from security camera footage in a yard in The Village area.
(Millie Weil)

We have been informed by neighbors that remains of animals (presumably cats) have been found at the corner of Eads Avenue and Genter Street, Arenas Street and the 700 block of Glenview Lane. One of the videos, coincidentally, was filmed on the same night that the remains of a cat were found on Glenview Lane.

Additionally, we were told that a neighbor was missing a pet rabbit on Genter.

We do not know for certain that the foxes are responsible for any of the kills, but it is certainly possible. Raccoons, possums and several cats also have been filmed on our property, and of the bunch, a fox is the more likely culprit. We have not seen any coyotes.

Keep small pets inside overnight. Whether this pair of foxes is involved or not, a predatory animal of some kind is roaming The Village.

Millie Weil

— — —

Vintage airplanes flyover gets lost to the fog

We had 16 vintage airplanes in the air Sunday [from Allen Airways Flying Museum in El Cajon] to open the La Jolla Christmas Parade.

When we got from Gillespie Field to Clairemont, it became apparent that the low-level fog layer had moved in and obscured our ability to fly the parade route. Many people at the parade were able to hear the planes but not see us.

It should be understood that all of us attend a mandatory briefing prior to our flight. We have many variables that need to be addressed: different aircraft, different speeds, an exact course to fly, who is leading in each group and frequencies to communicate with the Gillespie and Montgomery [airport] towers as well as each leader to the group.

Coordinating all this is necessary to keep proper separation and keep everyone safe.

Anyway, this year was to be my 42nd Christmas Parade flyover.

Pray for next year.

Bill Allen

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