Our Readers Write: UCSD expansion, ‘Ode to an Irish Setter’

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Letters to the editor:

Community needs to organize to rein in UC San Diego’s expansion

I want to thank Cameron Volker for her thorough and well-written article regarding the unmitigated expansion of the UCSD campus and its impact on the local community and environment (“UC San Diego’s unbridled expansion is harming our coast and community,” Guest Commentary, Oct. 6, La Jolla Light).

As a community, we need to pool our resources to place pressure on our City Council member, mayor, Gov. [Gavin] Newsom and the [University of California] regents in order to try to halt or slow down the overbuilding and the unwise massive expansion of the student body.

Chancellor [Pradeep] Khosla clearly has no regard for the erosion of coastal open space, the traffic and parking nightmares and the lack of affordable housing for students and faculty and staff.

We need to organize!

Julie Gollin

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UCSD’s new buildings are ‘ghastly’

Having lived here in the Bird Rock neighborhood of La Jolla since 1979, I believe I am entitled to an opinion in connection with the guest commentary from Cameron Volker.

The construction frenzy going on at UCSD is a little short of vandalism: Architecturally bereft of any redeeming features, the buildings have no relation to or sympathy with the surroundings, either in scale or positioning. Ghastly.

Roger Howard

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A final farewell

Reader Oliver Cleary laments the loss of his dog Reilly.
(Oliver Cleary)

A lamentation for a dog raised in La Jolla often seen running at Sea Lane determined to catch a seagull.

“Ode to an Irish Setter”

Oh golden brown eyes of depth,

Deep reddish glint in summer sun.

Black nose like tendrils from the sea,

harking what will you feed me?

Your gait, dance and glimmer show a proud pose of graceful stature

and commanding presence for all to see.

Admire and stand down to thee,

Faithful frolic he did with glee,

Nibbling softly on tender tee,

His long coat billows.

Reilly, prince, I miss thee.

Oliver Cleary

— — —

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