Our Readers Write: Dog safety, La Jolla Boulevard speed

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Safety of dogs and others starts with the owners

I love dogs.

I’ve lived with dogs all my life. I worked as a pet dog trainer for many years and continue to help friends and acquaintances train their dogs.

Recently while walking my leashed dog in the same neighborhood where I’ve been walking my dogs for 23 years, I was attacked by a dog that escaped his yard. I was knocked to the ground and bitten.

Days later, a leashed dog broke away from a young child, ran across the street and pounced on my dog. The next day, an unleashed dog in front of her house with her person ran toward me and my dog and followed us into the street before her person could retrieve her.

In the first event, I was truly afraid for our safety. During the other events, I was not only scared because of the recent attack but feared for my dog and the offending dog. Dogs on leashes often feel threatened and react assertively when confronted by uncontrolled, unleashed dogs.

Pet guardians, please consider the unpredictable impact your pet has on other dogs and people. Please limit your dog’s opportunities to cause harm to themselves or others. It’s often as simple as keeping your dog on a leash and paying attention to your surroundings so you can be prepared for encounters.

It is in your hands. Your dog will bear the consequences for what you allow it to do.

Sarah Schrier

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Speed limits on La Jolla Boulevard lack logic

Driving south on La Jolla Boulevard, I purposely took note of the speed limits (“Bird Rock resident launches petition to lower speed limit on La Jolla Boulevard,” Sept. 8, La Jolla Light).

The speed limit from Nautilus [Street] to the roundabouts in Bird Rock is 30 mph. Going through the roundabouts, the speed limit is 15 mph. Coming out of the roundabouts, the speed increases to 35 mph.

At the intersection of Loring Street and Mission Boulevard, the speed limits are 25 mph on Loring and 30 mph on Mission.

What is the logic behind putting a 35 mph speed limit on La Jolla Boulevard between the speed limits of 30 mph and 25 mph? Why the increase of 5 mph in a short distance, which includes two sharp, dangerous curves?

Liz Baker

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