Have a letter for or against election candidates? Here’s our publication policy

Election box file photo

To be consistent about which endorsement letters advocating for or against a candidate or political party are published, election-related letters to the editor are considered advertising. Endorsement letters are subject to a charge of $105 for the first two inches and $30 for each inch thereafter.

As with other letters to the editor, they must be submitted with the writer’s name, address and phone number (only the writer’s name and city or community name are published).

Political endorsement letters may or may not run on the Opinion page and will be identified as paid letters. The La Jolla Light retains the right to reject any letter that doesn’t meet its publishing standards and will decide whether a letter is subject to the fee, at which point the letter writer may decide whether to pay to have it published.

This fee policy, in place during the 2022 election season, does not apply to letter writers or columnists commenting on ballot measures. ◆