Guest commentary: La Jolla flower baskets, trash pickup and new utility box wraps remain in prime focus

For details about Enhance La Jolla and the Maintenance Assessment District, visit
For details about Enhance La Jolla and the Maintenance Assessment District, visit

La Jolla Maintenance Assessment District report


As is often the case with any worthwhile project or task, the scope of work on refreshing and replacing the hanging flower baskets and hardware along Girard Avenue has grown, but there is a clearer picture of the finish line.

Brackets and hardware arrived last month, and at the time of this writing, flowers are on order. The salvageable red and pink geraniums will remain. They soon will be accompanied by orange parrot beak flowers, blue superbells and whirlwind blue fan flower.

The goal is to have combinations of blue/pink and blue/orange in each flower basket. For the salvageable geraniums, blue fan flower will be added to their baskets for color contrast.

On the evening of Sept. 9, following a brief period of rain and wind, several eucalyptus tree branches in the 7400 block of Girard Avenue fell onto the sidewalk and street. Thankfully, there was no harm to any person or property. Within the span of a few hours, an emergency landscaping crew employed by the La Jolla Maintenance Assessment District was dispatched to the area. The crew subsequently responded to the hazard with chainsaws and other equipment needed to effectively break it down and haul it away. The objective now is preventive landscaping maintenance ahead of the fall and winter storm season. Mitigating dead and declining palm fronds is of special focus.

Regarding janitorial maintenance, LJMAD is working closely with the city of San Diego to best determine daily refuse pickup times. The Village is the first stop for the San Diego Environmental Services Department on a long route that ends in San Ysidro each day. With the increased traffic to the district, it has become imperative to sync schedules with the city and LJMAD’s janitorial vendor so that trash collection is effectively timed and always maintained.

Lastly, the effort to beautify utility boxes in the district by covering them with artistic vinyl wraps continues to progress. Enhance La Jolla is partnering with the La Jolla Village Merchants Association to spend up to $20,000 in grant money from San Diego County for providing directional signage in the public right of way. A request for proposals for the work to design and wrap the utility boxes has been released by LJVMA and is available on its website at Further information also is available by calling LJVMA Executive Director Jodi Rudick at (858) 230-2725.

If you see an issue needing attention in the district, please call Enhance La Jolla at (858) 444-5892 or email

Mary Montgomery is manager of the La Jolla Maintenance Assessment District.