Our Readers Write: Avenida de la Playa closure; sidewalk vending; flag

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Letters to the editor:

Reopen full access to Avenida de la Playa

I’m not in support in keeping the street closed at Avenida de la Playa (“La Jolla traffic board adds its support for permanent outdoor dining in The Shores,” June 23, La Jolla Light). The residents like me have to go around and around to get to The Village.

Avenida de la Playa should have access all the way from La Jolla Shores Drive to the La Jolla Shores Hotel.

Mercedes La Fond

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Sidewalk vending ruins The Cove

I was pretty dismayed [June 25] after walking The Cove for the first time in a long while. With all the vendors lining the sidewalks, it looks and feels like a swap meet.

It has totally changed what used to be such a pristine park into the vibes of a hectic carnival. The smell of funnel cakes cancels out the ocean vibe and the frantic “marketplace” feel destroys the experience of that sacred view.

Debra Duford

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American flag is already inclusive

Regarding Monty Nereim’s letter, “Private matters are getting too public” (Our Readers Write, June 16, La Jolla Light):

Lt. Col. Monty Nereim served admirably as a Marine Corps officer for 20 years, including tours in Vietnam. Consider the number of family notifications he did for the flag-draped coffins we all mourn. The age-old debate that we are metaphorically a salad bowl or stew as a nation rings true. We are both.

The American flag is a uniting umbrella over all. Flying separate flags on the same pole as Old Glory, representing majorities or minorities of our people, is not necessary. The flag is implicitly inclusive.

Let us not forget the motto of the U.S.: “E pluribus unum” [“Out of many, one”].

Sharon Paxton

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