Our Readers Write: ‘The Throat’ landscaping, Via Capri traffic

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Letters to the editor:

Finally, progress on landscaping maintenance at ‘The Throat’

Referring to your article in last week’s paper about “The Throat” or the “front door” to La Jolla (“La Jollans lament state of medians at ‘The Throat,’ blaming poor maintenance,” May 5, La Jolla Light), it appears that a small group of very intense citizens from La Jolla have made huge strides in getting the attention of the city of San Diego and Aztec Landscaping.

The landscaping company has been out cleaning up like never before, and thus our “front door” looks better than it has for years. There is more to be done, but big improvements have been made.

Now the question is, where are the work reports from Aztec, and were they overpaid for work just not done? They said in last week’s article something about all the traffic and trash that’s thrust out of cars. The big issue was not trash from cars, it was dead plants and plants not trimmed!

The medians, in my opinion, really weren’t properly attended to for years. The small group of people from LJ will continue to monitor and insist on taxpayers getting what they pay for.

We did meet [May 6] with the folks at the city who oversee the work and the contractor. Our meeting was very productive, and La Jolla will see even more progress in the coming weeks. We’d like to thank Steve Hadley [of City Councilman Joe LaCava’s office] for arranging this meeting and also thank the city for their positive input to solving the “Throat” issues.

Ed Witt

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Traffic on Via Capri needs to move safely but also rapidly

I really appreciated the multi-edition piece on La Jolla street conditions and specifically the plan for Via Capri.

While I think we can all agree that safety is a goal and virtue, I was disappointed to hear that a goal of narrowing the lanes on Via Capri is to slow down traffic. It seems to me we will just end up with traffic jams during rush hours and speeding, head-on collisions during light traffic.

Via Capri is not a scenic route, rather a main commuter artery that busy La Jolla working folks use to get to work and pick up their kids on time from school. I believe the main goal should be effective and rapid, yet safe, movement of traffic. As population density continues to increase, we should think long-term, not short-term reactionary solutions.

Pave it, absolutely yes! Improve paint and signage, yes! Provide a bike lane with flexible cone barrier, yes! Narrow lanes, no!

Jared Nieman

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