Our Readers Write: La Jolla Tennis Club; sea lions

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Letters to the editor:

Why a search firm to look for a Tennis Club manager?

Regarding the revealing article by Ashley Mackin-Solomon (“La Jolla Tennis Club’s $20,000 contract for manager search triggers ‘sticker shock’ with some members,” March 3, La Jolla Light):

Let’s see, the job pays six figures and, I suspect, benefits. It is in La Jolla Village, one of the premier destinations to live or work in the world, and you don’t have to be a teaching pro or a top tennis player.

One has to manage a nonprofit bunch of public tennis courts and keep the members happy. Yet the board of directors can’t be bothered to use all the online job search sites, their own and their 700 members’ contacts, plus all the local job sources, and instead are willing to pay $20,000 to a search firm in South Carolina?

Something smells fishy.

Alan Segal

— — —

Dogs and sea lions don’t mix

A dog and a sea lion face off in a screenshot from a video.
(Courtesy of Elena Tillman)

Reader Elena Tillman said she saw a video posted on social media of a dog face-to-face with a sea lion in La Jolla, and on March 4 she submitted the accompanying screenshot, which the Light has cropped to zoom in. Her comments are below. By March 7, the video was no longer posted.

Honestly, I don’t even know what to say, but this is so not OK. This is just an example of what goes on down at The Cove/Point La Jolla/South Casa Beach at night. I’ve witnessed it myself [last] summer.

People just don’t know how to conduct themselves, and the sea lions have no rest day or night.

Plus, this could’ve ended horribly for all parties involved. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Elena Tillman

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