Our Readers Write: La Jolla Parkway resurfacing

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Letter to the editor:

Other streets need work more than La Jolla Parkway

In response to the article “La Jolla Parkway to be resurfaced as part of ‘Sexy Streets’ initiative” (Jan. 13, La Jolla Light):

I drive periodically on La Jolla Parkway and must say I’ve never noticed that it’s in need of major refurbishment in either direction. So I was rather surprised to learn in the Light that the city had decided it was among the seriously “pothole-riddled” roads to be included in the city’s planned infrastructure upgrade initiative, when there are so many other city streets that are in far worse condition and have been that way for years.

There are two in La Jolla that quickly come to mind:

The first is lower Nautilus. Although the top portion, which was dug up for over a year, was finally resurfaced, the lower half (which runs directly in front of La Jolla High School) remains an uneven, irregular and multiple-patched mess.

Via Capri is in even worse condition, such that I’ve stopped using it altogether — an option unfortunately not available to anyone who lives in that neighborhood. I wonder if either the mayor or [City Councilman Joe] LaCava have ever driven it.

It seems to me that San Diegans would be much better served if the mayor and City Council would spend our available infrastructure funds on streets that truly need fixing instead of prettying up those that don’t, like La Jolla Parkway.

Richard Landres

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