Our Readers Write: Pizza restaurant dispute, local help for Haiti


Letters to the editor


Letters to the editor:

Pizza shop dispute is bad for La Jolla

I read with horror your recent article about all the trouble the owner of American Pizza Manufacturing has been experiencing (“La Jolla pizza maker feels harassed by derogatory message on car parked in front of business,” Nov. 4, La Jolla Light).

My first thought was: How could this be happening in our lovely La Jolla? My second thought was: What can I do to help the owner of the business?

With regard to the first thought, I’m truly astonished to learn that such a dispute exists in our town. What could lead an ostensibly responsible person to engage in tactics that, to put it charitably, could only be described as a distraction? I have seen the cars parked in front of the business, I have seen the airplanes with disparaging remarks printed on the banner and I have seen the negative reviews posted about the pizza shop.

I have patronized American Pizza Manufacturing and know the owner to be an upstanding man. He is working hard to build a business that employs people and puts money back in the community. I am not a restaurant owner, but I know from many sources that the business is exceedingly difficult and demanding. It breaks my heart to know that this owner is dealing with additional stress. La Jolla is a town where business entry should be easy and free of unnecessary hurdles.

Second, I’m now thinking about patronizing this pizza shop even more, purely out of my knee-jerk opposition to bullying.
La Jolla has many open tenancies and empty buildings. Tolerating this behavior would send the wrong message to potential investors or shop owners.

La Jolla is a great place to live and work, but only if we come together and support each other.

Bill Smith

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Thanks for help in helping Haiti

The Project Edeline team would like to thank the La Jolla community and beyond for their heartfelt generosity in supporting our virtual fundraiser [Dec. 5].

From local donors to those who donated via our website and Instagram, to our talented, nationally recognized artists who donated their stunning works, thank you for helping us help Haiti and Institut Edeline [Project Edeline’s school in Haiti].

Neva Sullaway

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