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Letters to the editor


Letters to the editor:

More civility needed for the good of The Village

During the public comments section of the La Jolla Village Merchants Association’s Oct. 13 Zoom meeting, a woman, who shall remain nameless, was extremely vitriolic while asking about the proposed “Walk on Wall” street fair.

[LJVMA] Executive Director Jodi Rudick explained that the item was not on the agenda for the day but she would be happy to answer any of her questions via email or a phone call. The woman then became very aggressive toward Ms. Rudick, saying, “We know you are a liar and we will expose you, and I have three letters against the market from Wall Street merchants.”

She also said that by having another market in La Jolla [in addition to the Sunday farmers market], her son’s education would be limited because funds would be taken away from La Jolla Elementary [which benefits from the farmers market].

LJVMA’s objective is to activate The Village by having fun, family-oriented events that would benefit the merchants in The Village, not to be in competition with the Sunday farmers market.

If we expect to attract first-rate businesses to The Village as well as dedicated volunteers that form the many boards in The Village, we cannot have members of the community behaving in such an outrageous manner during a public forum.

Bill Podway

— — —

Unsportsmanlike conduct at football game

I was among many parents shocked at the massive unsportsmanlike conduct and egregious post-play roughing of players by the players on the Madison [High School] team during the La Jolla vs. Madison varsity football game [Oct. 15].

Finally, after four quarters of unnecessary violence, the match was called to a halt two minutes before the end of the fourth quarter.

Madison head coach Rick Jackson not only applauded the horrific behavior of his players but encouraged them on the sidelines with high-fives when they got away with yet one more rough play.

What has happened to teaching sportsmanship in high school football? What message are we sending our young athletes? Without a doubt, the culture begins with the coach, and Coach Jackson needs to reconsider what values and morals he is instilling in his players.

Kristen Richards

— — —

Sirens cause noise pollution in La Jolla

I have lived in several towns the size of La Jolla, and even in big cities, but none have ever had the issue of constant blaring sirens — from the [ambulances] (sometimes tweeting their sirens so they are especially loud), fire engines, police cars and even lifeguard trucks — there is an endless parade every day and every night. There was even a siren at 1:30 a.m.

It’s surprising there aren’t [stricter] rules for these vehicles in residential zones. The noise really detracts from the beauty of the town.

Marc Burch

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