Our Readers Write: Cuvier Street vacation, La Jolla Meals on Wheels


Letters to the editor


Letters to the editor:

Not so fast on Cuvier Street land giveaway

Vacating Cuvier Street and splitting the nearly 20,000 square feet of prime real estate between The Bishop’s School and the La Jolla Rec Center could be a good idea, but … another city land giveaway for free? (“News on Cuvier Street vacation may give crucial lift to Rec Center renovation plans,” Sept. 30, La Jolla Light)

This is almost a half-acre of prime property. Increasing the size of the Rec Center is a public benefit for La Jolla and visitors to La Jolla. Providing The Bishop’s School with 8,061 square feet of free land is not a public benefit. This land must be appraised and Bishop’s needs to pay fair market value for it. Better yet, Bishop’s could improve the 11,106 square feet of land that will be added to the Rec Center, dramatically reducing the cost of new park space.

The city should not be giving away public land to private parties and then asking the taxpayers to fund park improvements that could have been paid for with the proceeds of a land sale. I support the vacation of Cuvier, but let’s do it the right way, without any giveaways.

Tony Pauker

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Praise for La Jolla Meals on Wheels volunteers

All through the past 19 pandemic months, over 100 dedicated La Jolla Meals on Wheels (not to be confused with San Diego Meals on Wheels) home delivery volunteers safely brought lunch and dinner five days a week to locked-down and isolated clients throughout our community — many of them elderly and without a local family support system.

I marvel daily at their dedication to service as they carry on passionately and resolutely bringing nutrition to residents of The Jewel, just as countless volunteers before them have been doing since 1974.

I’m proud to be in their company as we continue to move forward with our mission. We’re blessed to have neighbors such as these.

Ron Jones

President, La Jolla Meals on Wheels

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