Our Readers Write: Nautilus Street, signboards, dog waste, Piano Building


Letters to the editor


Letters to the editor:

Nautilus Street proposals seem to have some problems

I have some questions about the proposed alterations to Nautilus Street (“Concept to beautify Nautilus Street gets La Jolla community planners’ approval,” Sept. 9, La Jolla Light).

First, let me say that I am a big fan of the roundabouts on La Jolla Boulevard in Bird Rock. However, it might be a good idea for someone in the know engineering-wise to explain how a roundabout at the corner of Fay Avenue and Nautilus is feasible during the start, and especially the dismissal times, of La Jolla High School and Muirlands Middle School.

A proposed design concept for Nautilus Street (shown looking east).
A proposed design concept for Nautilus Street (shown looking east) would add a roundabout at Nautilus and Fay Avenue and possibly roundabouts at Nautilus and Avenida Mañana and Muirlands Drive.
(Courtesy of Trace Wilson)

Any “planner” involved in a decision about a roundabout at that junction should travel that route during the start and end of the school day. For the first time since school has been in session, I got caught in that traffic. What a nightmare -- pedestrians, pickups of students, bicyclists, etc., etc.

I quite frankly don’t see how that would even work.

Also, my access to Nautilus from Avenida Mañana conjures up extensive wait times to go either left or right with a roundabout in that location, given that I would have to yield to traffic in the circle during the high-traffic times. I could sit there for a very long time unless a kind driver in the circle lets me in.

I also have trouble seeing how diagonal parking by the schools on Nautilus would not be a danger to bicyclists in the bicycle lane, not to mention an impediment to parents lining up for pickup.

Let’s by all means beautify the median, but please, please, please inform us as to how roundabouts are going to improve traffic, not to mention keep students and other pedestrians safe.

Sandy Coler

— — —

Signboards are overcrowding the sidewalks

I am writing to complain about the gross proliferation of folding business signboards on public sidewalks throughout the commercial districts of The Village.

They are a nuisance in that they partially block sidewalks, and if electric rental scooters are strewn about, the sidewalks may be entirely blocked, requiring pedestrians to walk in the street to get around them. They are also unsightly and make the Village streets look like the midway in a honky-tonk carnival.

Most importantly, they can be dangerous to pedestrians. Recently I was walking west on Girard Avenue approaching the intersection with Wall Street and looking up to scan the crossing. A folding signboard advertising a business was lying flat in the middle of the sidewalk. I tripped over it and split my knee open.

These signboards need to be regulated and controlled. I hope the appropriate authorities will take remedial action to avoid injuries to members of our large senior population as well as avoid expensive lawsuits.

Raoul Harpin

— — —

Front yard isn’t a place to deposit dog waste bags

To the lovely Bird Rock resident who continues to use my front yard as a trash can for dog poop bags, can you please stop? I find several dog waste bags per month discarded into my front yard.

It takes a special kind of person to show such disrespect and laziness. If the poor practice continues, I will promptly set up a front door camera to catch the one responsible.

I take a lot of pride in my neighborhood, and it’s very disheartening to see someone trash it with litter.

Andrew Mason

— — —

Memories of former restaurant at current Piano Building

The Piano Building was a restaurant in 1956 and for many years afterward (“Architect reports progress toward converting Bird Rock’s Piano Building to restaurant,” Sept. 16, La Jolla Light).

I was 16 then (I am 81 now) and it was my first job.

The Piano Building on La Jolla Boulevard in Bird Rock
Reader Patricia Bryant describes working at the Piano Building site on La Jolla Boulevard in Bird Rock when it was a restaurant in the 1950s.

There was a long counter with stools and an area with tables. The kitchen was behind on the west side. They also sold hard-packed ice cream (pints) and cones. A soda fountain was behind the counter.

They served hamburgers, salads and sandwiches, and their specialty was a lazy Susan sundae (a lazy Susan with lots of toppings).

It was called Bauchmans, the last name of the German couple who owned it. I was paid 50 cents an hour plus tips as a waitress.

Patricia Bryant

— — —

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