Our Readers Write: Summer visitor loves La Jolla but sees problems; La Jolla High’s new AD is praised


Letters to the editor


Letters to the editor:

La Jolla is wonderful but could be so much more so

I just spent a wonderful summer in La Jolla in order to escape the heat of Palm Springs. This was my second summer in La Jolla and it hopefully won’t be my last.

As an outsider, I think I can observe situations without the perspective of a resident who may be “immune“ to everyday activities.

The vendors along the promenade between the Children’s Pool and The Cove create a cheap, Coney Island atmosphere. Their wares are not of a caliber that should be out front of tourists. Perhaps a vacant parking lot nearby could be used for these vendors.

There doesn’t appear to be any enforcement of parking along the promenade. Some cars are there for the entire day, taking spaces that should be made available to other visitors. The vendors are among the most obvious. This could be handled easily with parking meters.

I know there is a sound ordinance, but without enforcement, the ordinance has no teeth.

Palm Springs has some of the cleanest streets of any city whose income relies on tourism. Our streets are cleaned and washed daily. In La Jolla, I saw garbage strewn for the entire month of August. No one cleaned up.

My favorite beach used to be Wipeout Beach. Unfortunately it was not usable due to so much seaweed that washed ashore in the beginning of August and was left to rot on the sand. It is not an easy beach to clean, but no effort was made to make the beach usable.

I lived in West Hollywood for a while when it was a part of Los Angeles. After West Hollywood was incorporated, it was reborn into a clean and exciting city, no longer a stepchild of the huge city of Los Angeles. Although San Diego is a wonderful city, I’m not sure La Jolla gets its fair share of tax revenue. The infrastructure along the promenade needs a lot of repairs, the Coggan pool is in need of updating, and some visual plantings along Girard Avenue may help the merchants entice visitors to stroll along the avenue.

Best regards to a beautiful destination.

Mike McGinley

— — —

Aaron Quesnell will be a stellar AD

As a Viking grad and parent, I was happy to see that Mr. [Aaron] Quesnell was named La Jolla High’s new athletic director (“Aaron Quesnell takes over as La Jolla High School athletic director,” Sept. 2, La Jolla Light).

A decade ago he did a fantastic job as co-coach of the school’s outstanding Academic League team, taking them to a national tournament in Chicago. He is dedicated, upbeat and inspiring.

Kennedy Gammage

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