Our Readers Write: Fire danger, Children’s Pool, Cardeno Drive


Letters to the editor


Fire hazards are right here in La Jolla

One would think that with all the fire devastation, people would be mindful of areas around them that could pose a potential hazard.

Case in point, the accompanying picture. This location is just west of Via Valverde on Nautilus Street on a piece of land wedged between the golf course and properties.

Reader Edward Lake writes that this brush along Nautilus Street just west of Via Valverde poses a potential fire hazard.
(Edward Lake)

This is exactly the type of tinder that could burn in seconds and then wind its way up the whole street. I’m very surprised that there aren’t some local authorities that would be monitoring such areas and requiring that they be cleaned up properly. (For the benefit of the doubt, maybe there are and they are just overwhelmed.)

Edward Lake

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Scripps’ wishes for children’s enjoyment are being ignored

I came to La Jolla in 1950 and so enjoyed the Children’s Pool and rocks to climb out on.

Ellen Browning Scripps built the seawall to make it safe for La Jolla’s children to play in and enjoy calm water. My own children played there and loved it.

Why now is that gone for today’s children? Why are seals and sea lions more important than our children’s enjoyment and happiness?

It’s shameful that Miss Scripps’ wishes are ignored, considering all she did for La Jolla.

Can’t tourists go to the zoo?

Joanne Crosby

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Cardeno Drive needs speed cameras

Regarding Cardeno Drive (“Residents around Cardeno Drive worried about speeding cars,” Aug. 19, La Jolla Light):

The city needs to install several cameras with speed sensors documenting speed/license/car/driver on the photo, sent automatically to whatever entity can send them a ticket. If no response, drag them into court.

Larry Dirksen

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