Our Readers Write: Parking meters, sea lions


Letters to the editor


La Jollans’ position on parking meters is clear

In reference to the letter to the editor “Parking meters don’t deserve another look” by John Berol (Aug. 12, La Jolla Light):

Thank you, John, for succinctly stating the position of the vast majority of La Jollans.

Many of us have fought to maintain a village atmosphere in our downtown over the years.

I’d like to know exactly whose idea it is to bring up this acrimonious subject again after La Jollans (both businesses and citizens) have overwhelmingly spoken out against paid on-street parking in the not-too-distant past.

Keith Kelman

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Separating people from sea lions is the right move

Visitors to Scripps Park line the wall overlooking Point La Jolla to view the sea lions hauling out there in June.
(Ashley Mackin-Solomon)

Regarding the sea lions (“San Diego begins temporary closure of Point La Jolla to separate people and sea lions,” Aug. 11 online, La Jolla Light):

San Diego city officials do not have absolute authority to “put citizens first,” as federal law protecting coastal mammals is an omnipresent, foundational reality that impacts all seal and sea lion public policy.

The issue is not which is more important, people or sea lions. The issue is keeping them separate. If we don’t have a separation policy and post it clearly, then tourists, seeing nothing telling them otherwise, might send their little children into a sea lion pupping area as if it’s a petting zoo. Now there is some serious legal exposure.

David Gray

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