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Letters to the editor


Letters to the editor:

Windansea mural at the airport needs to go

I want to respond to the article that brings attention to the mural at the airport (“Windansea mural at San Diego airport could be ‘problematic’ without safety warnings, beach experts say,” July 15, La Jolla Light).

We need to be careful of marketing La Jolla as a place to funnel tourists without taking into consideration the infrastructure. [Windansea] is a residential beach. There are no real toilets or showers.

This sign at San Diego International Airport depicts La Jolla’s Windansea Beach.
(Courtesy of Ry Peterson)

Young children especially, and even confident swimmers, can be easily knocked unconscious by the shape of the waves that lift you up and then slam you down hard on the sand. The shore at Windansea goes up like a small hill, making it treacherous when the wave crashes down. It is fun but can kill people in minutes.

I have seen many people hurt there since 1983. Now suddenly there are a lot more people, and many former private homes have been sold to corporations as discreet vacation villas. It brings tourist dollars but must be thought out more carefully.

[On July 17], I, along with many, witnessed a young man get slammed by a wave while playing in the shore surf.

He was given chest compressions for a long time and they somehow woke him up. The concerned bystanders were so grateful that the man was alive. A heavy silence descended on us as we were reminded of how quickly life can be taken from us.

Let us do more now to avoid tragedies. Please change the mural at the airport.

Valerie O’Sullivan

— — —

Windansea’s not alone with intrusive weddings

Windansea weddings that were described in the July 15 La Jolla Light (“Windansea weddings are popular with couples, not so much with some beach-goers”) are just the tip of the iceberg of outsiders taking over our public parks paid for with tax money of residents.

The problem is even worse at Calumet Park, which is a small neighborhood “pocket park.” This park is the length of five homes and has seven benches along the ocean and four benches along the street — not a very big park at all, yet it is being taken over for constant afternoon and evening weddings.

This is one of the parks that allows over 50 people to attend, which often prevents local residents such as myself from being able to sit on a bench, as the wedding attendees often congregate or place their items on a bench. Some have quiet and pleasant music and others loud and blaring, which disturbs the quiet time we come to enjoy.

Since COVID began, more and more people come to our little park as an escape.

Most surprising is that the city of San Diego charges only $177.16 for a permit, while Del Mar charges $1,500 and state parks $500. The city is getting ripped off and should at least charge a minimum of $500. Why does our city keep losing money and increasing our taxes?

Jack Resnick

— — —

Changing attire could improve bike safety

Trendy cycling attire: black and gray.

Safe cycling attire: Day-Glo orange, lime green and chrome yellow.

Stay safe.

Pam Filley

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