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Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor:

Trash is giving La Jolla a bad name

This letter was sent to San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria and Councilman Joe LaCava, with a copy to the La Jolla Light:

The trash issue in and around La Jolla coastal walkways and parks is overwhelming. Accompanying this letter are two examples of trash cans along the coastal walkway at 7 p.m. I filled up a full-size trash bag from trash left on South Casa Beach.

A trash can near the coast overflows with garbage in La Jolla.
(Donna Murphy)

Several families approached me and thanked me for cleaning up the beach and expressed sadness and disgust. They commented that they expected better from the famed La Jolla. They also expressed disappointment that La Jolla does not have recycle bins like Del Mar. I noticed when leaving that the trash cans by the high-end shops were more clean and plentiful.

Not only does this trash give a very seedy appearance for your town, but a lot of it ends up in the ocean. I sadly witnessed this when I went snorkeling a few weeks back at La Jolla Cove.

Reader Donna Murphy writes that scenes like this around coastal walkways and parks give La Jolla "a very seedy appearance."
(Donna Murphy)

I have written many times on the San Diego Get It Done app. However, I’ve never seen any result from doing so. I have also spoken with many of your city employees that clean out the trash cans. They say the No. 1 complaint they receive from visitors is there aren’t enough trash cans and they are not getting cleaned frequently enough. They encouraged me to write to the folks at the top because their supervisors don’t listen to their feedback. Very sad.

City employees are your frontline workers and should be valued for their feedback and empowered to give it and should be listened to.

Between the gross mismanagement of the wildlife and their habitat along with the trash, you send a strong message to visitors that our city officials do not care. Many families over the past few months shared with me that they will be going to Del Mar or Carlsbad on their family vacations going forward and will forgo La Jolla. I do not believe that is your desired outcome.

Donna Murphy

— — —

‘Dismount/walk’ zone is an answer to cyclist safety

The intersection at Torrey Pines Road and La Jolla Village Drive is now, and will always be, unsafe for cyclists (“Bicyclists call for more protections and safety education after fatal crash in La Jolla,” July 1, La Jolla Light).

The area should be designated as a “dismount/walk” zone. Riders should be required to dismount and walk their bicycles, subject to the same restrictions as pedestrians.

Confusing signs, green paint, special lanes and intrusive barriers make the situation worse. The only realistic solution is “dismount/walk.”

Mark Sickman

— — —

Sea lions’ fear of humans is greatly exaggerated

The article “Yes, pups can swim” (“Expert weighs in on claims of dangers to sea lion pups amid La Jolla debate,” July 1, La Jolla Light) began to debunk a myth.

For five years I have walked up to our sea lions to take ID photos of their rescue release tags. The great majority of such were saved by SeaWorld, some were saved elsewhere but came by here — 613 surveys, 2,600 ID pictures sent to the NOAA [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration] office of stranding.

A joyous photo ID I got in June was of W2362 with her new pup. I had sent her tag photo to NOAA Protected Resources five years before. Her record showed she had been rescued in Oceanside in March 2016 and released at sea after two months of rehab care. I found her in La Jolla one month later. And on 37 occasions thereafter, there she was, serene as a Madonna.

Any human mothers reading this? If you saw a fangless, slow-moving animal about your size approach, would you drop your infant and flee and never look back? Mammals don’t do that.

John Leek

— — —

Fireworks cancellation was a big disappointment

That was so incredibly disappointing tonight [July 4] (“Organizers make it official: No La Jolla fireworks show this Fourth of July,” July 3 online, La Jolla Light).

I remember having a dozen kids here and how enthralled they were. I don’t remember tales in the past of any dead or harmed sea lion pups. I am totally appalled that a few people have been able to terminate the pleasure of so many in their view of the fireworks. It’s an American classic.

Caroline Prescott

— — —

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