Our Readers Write: City seal, Puesto plan, Munk house, West Muirlands Drive house

San Diego City Councilman Joe LaCava of District 1, which includes La Jolla, wants the city seal changed.
San Diego City Councilman Joe LaCava of District 1, which includes La Jolla, wants the city seal changed because he says it “erases the history of the indigenous peoples who occupied this land long before us and glorifies those who stole it.”

Letters to the editor


Letters to the editor:

LaCava deserves praise on city seal stance

What Joe LaCava has undertaken while wanting to redesign the seal of San Diego is admirable (“Councilman LaCava wants new San Diego emblem, saying current seal ‘erases the history’ of Native Americans,” April 1, La Jolla Light).

While I am sure he is very busy working on various issues our city faces, changing the city seal would be a good acknowledgment of our city’s origins and recognition for the native community that still exists to this day.

I was shocked upon reading the opinions page April 8 to find that some members of our community opposed it and even seemed to take the change personally.

There is nothing admirable in our colonialist history. In one written piece, “City seal reflects history that led to San Diego being what it is today,” the author seemed to infer that the appropriation of land that happened was acceptable because of the “founding of our great institutions.” I am sure “great institutions” would have been founded even if things had happened differently, and having what we deem is a good society does not erase history and right the wrongs of the past.

Change is good. I hope that when all is done, everyone can see that a small change like this is a positive one.

Chloe Dore Gomes

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Puesto proposal would just add to parking scarcity

I’m very much opposed to Puesto restaurant’s proposal to expand its seating (“Puesto La Jolla restaurant seeks to extend outdoor dining on Wall Street parking spaces for five years,” April 15, La Jolla Light, and related story, page A1 of this edition). During the height of the pandemic, restaurants were given the right to expand outdoor seating. It saved a lot of them. But we’re nearing the end of restrictions, and I would guess in the next few months restrictions will be greatly reduced.

Herringbone and Hennessey’s already take up a lot of parking on Herschel Avenue. The fitness center across the street [from Puesto] will add to the parking, and last but not least, the Athenaeum will be opening for exhibits and other events, and as a member I know how little parking there is in that area.

I view Puesto’s request as an attempt to use a city concept to grab additional space at little cost.

John Beaver

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Let’s all work to preserve the spirit of Seiche

Late La Jolla oceanographer Walter Munk’s house, Seiche, has been nominated for historic designation.
Late La Jolla oceanographer Walter Munk’s house, Seiche, has been nominated for historic designation, which his daughter Kendall says took her by surprise.

I’m heartened by the outpouring of support for Seiche (“Walter Munk’s daughter contradicts widow over proposal to designate his home as historic,” April 15, La Jolla Light). My parents spent their lives creating a world that served and enriched UC/SIO [UC San Diego/Scripps Institution of Oceanography], the broader community and our family and friends. All of us miss them very much and the world they created at Seiche.

Right now my concern is that people’s best intentions are being exploited. There seems to be a good cop/bad cop narrative circulating out there that is the result of misinformation and opacity, in my opinion. Please know this runs counter to the style and transparency that defined our parents’ legacy and was integral to the spirit of Seiche — the very spirit all of us want passionately to preserve.

There are many moving parts at play in the future of Seiche. My hope here is to provide a larger context that might illuminate the bigger picture.

In this effort, I’ve written a letter to the [California] Office of Historic Preservation that goes into some detail on the matter.

If you have any questions or would be interested in reading my letter or other letters from Dad’s (and Mom’s) longtime colleagues and close family associates, please email me at and I will gladly forward them to you.

Kendall Munk

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House isn’t right for the neighborhood

A project at 1395 W. Muirlands Drive has been the subject of a construction violation notice and a stop-work order.
A project at 1395 W. Muirlands Drive in La Jolla has been the subject of a construction violation notice and a stop-work order.

Regarding 1395 W. Muirlands Drive (“Community Planning Association wants permit revoked for La Jolla project after stop-work order is issued,” April 8, La Jolla Light):

That house is an eyesore! It is too big and the style is inappropriate for the neighborhood.

And how selfish does one have to be to build a house that completely blocks all views of the nearest neighbor?

This is yet another example of money defining La Jolla.

Susan Graceman

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