Guest commentary: Upcoming Enhance La Jolla Day is dedicated to community improvement

For details about Enhance La Jolla and the Maintenance Assessment District, visit
For details about Enhance La Jolla and the Maintenance Assessment District, visit

To better familiarize the community with the organizations and vendors the La Jolla Maintenance Assessment District works with to improve the cleanliness and appearance of the neighborhood, Enhance La Jolla is teaming with the La Jolla Village Merchants Association to hold a first-ever event of its kind. Join us Saturday, March 20, to meet your village associations at Enhance La Jolla Day.

Enhance La Jolla Day will take place from 7 to 11 a.m. on Girard Avenue and will involve two separate activities:

• An information area with tables at the intersection of Girard Avenue and Silverado Street (in front of 7777 Girard) where members of the public can meet with representatives of various community groups to learn more about the organizations and their contributions to La Jolla

• A community improvement project that will involve LJMAD’s landscaping vendor placing rocks and groundcover in more than 20 tree wells along Girard Avenue and Wall Street. More details will be provided as the event draws closer.

In preparation for Enhance La Jolla Day, LJMAD’s landscaping vendor has started preliminary efforts to prepare tree wells for the addition of rocks and drought-resistant groundcover. Efforts to improve the safety and appearance of these tree wells will culminate on Enhance La Jolla Day along six blocks of Girard Avenue and one block of Wall Street.

A project that began in February is the pressure-washing of the interiors and exteriors of all 42 public trash receptacles in the district. All receptacles on Girard Avenue are finished.

Receptacles along Prospect and Wall streets are now being cleaned. This overnight deep-cleaning work on all trash receptacles will be completed in mid-March.

Pressure-washing of all public trash receptacles was done most recently in August. LJMAD plans to perform this maintenance at least once every six months. In addition to improving sanitation, the project has furthered collaboration with the San Diego Environmental Services Department, as LJMAD is providing the department with information about broken metal liners in the receptacles that need replacement.

A guardrail at Girard Avenue and Prospect Street is being repainted.

Lastly, a project to repaint a 300-foot-long rusted guardrail at the intersection of Prospect Street and Girard Avenue has started. A rust reverter was applied to the guardrail the last week of February. Next, a primer will be applied to the guardrail surface to assist rustproofing efforts before painting begins.

If you see an issue needing attention in the district, please contact Enhance La Jolla at (858) 444-5892 or email

Mary Montgomery is district manager for the La Jolla Maintenance Assessment District.