Our Readers Write: Civility, UCSD, Parks & Beaches

Judy and Dave Halter write that they'd like to meet with the person who left dog waste beside this sign in their yard.
La Jollans Judy and Dave Halter write that they’d like to meet with the person who left dog waste beside this sign in their yard.
(Courtesy of Judy and Dave Halter)

Letters to the editor:

We need civil conversations about differences

We have had the privilege of living in La Jolla for 15 years and raised our four kids here. A wise person once shared that you are as good as the five people you spend the most time with. Living in a well-educated community is a gift to your children. To surround them with curious, achieving minds inspires them to be thoughtful, contributing citizens of the world.

We have had a sign [pictured above] in our yard for three months now, and sadly on two mornings have found a bag of dog poop in front of it. This action speaks volumes of what is going on in our country right now. So instead of getting angry, we invite the person to instead leave an envelope with a note stating a time that we could meet to discuss and listen to the person’s thoughts. This is where we begin to heal as a nation, in civil conversations, not disrespectful actions toward someone you disagree with.

We have so much, all of us who are fortunate to live in La Jolla. Let us be the civil leaders we need to be for our community and our children. We look forward to hearing from this individual and having a solid discussion.

Judy and Dave Halter

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UCSD doesn’t make La Jolla what it is

In answer to Mr. [David] Serlin (“An objection to objections over UCSD development,” Letters to the editor, Oct. 29, La Jolla Light): I have lived in La Jolla for 68 years, and no “intellectual, scientific and cultural powerhouse” brings people to La Jolla. The weather does, the ocean, the beautiful area.

I voted against bringing UC [University of California] here. I knew they would take over the area and change our beautiful town.

The businesspeople wanted the university. People want to come here for the weather, ocean and beauty — the lifestyle that has changed.

Jackie Ives

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Some Parks & Beaches board members voted against a golden opportunity

Thank you for your recent article about Mr. Earl Edwards, guest speaker at the Oct. 26 La Jolla Parks & Beaches board meeting (“Parks & Beaches board hears from UCSD athletic director on racism,” Nov. 5, La Jolla Light).

Even though his talk on race relations was proposed back in August, in my opinion it could not have been at a better moment for the board as they are addressing the [potential] removal of members Mary Ellen Morgan and Marie Hunrichs.

Mr. Edwards was so kind to share his lived experience with the large group (59 individuals registered on Zoom and a few others joined the call within the same household).

In August, when the board voted on approving Mr. Edwards, eight members voted no (Dan Allen, Janet Stratford Collins, Tom Brady, Debbie Beacham, Ken Hunrichs, Phyllis Minick, Stan Minick and Marie Hunrichs). The motion was passed, however, 11-8.

In my opinion, these eight members voted against an opportunity for desperately needed conversation and prior to LJP&B facing scrutiny and a PR crisis. Why would LJP&B members vote against this golden opportunity? Can any of these members represent us as a community if they are unwilling to listen to Mr. Edwards for 15 minutes?

Karen Wiggins

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