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A woman holds up signs protesting short-term vacation rentals during a San Diego City Council meeting in 2018.

Letters to the editor:

An opportunity for La Jolla on short-term rentals

In response to the prominent La Jolla Light article of Oct. 15 (“San Diego planning commissioners say proposal for short-term rental regulations has ‘a lot to be worked out’”) — a quick question, comment and suggestion pertaining to the needs and desires of La Jolla homeowners and residents pertaining to short-term rentals:

The present city of San Diego proposal lists four tiers — No. 4 focusing exclusively on Mission Beach and the recommendations of the Mission Beach Town Council. Why not have Councilwoman [Barbara] Bry and/or our soon-to-be-elected councilperson advocate for the addition of an amendment to the proposal (Tier 5) focusing entirely on La Jolla?

The precedent has already been set by the inclusion of Tier 4. I would suggest that the La Jolla Town Council (possibly utilizing the services of a neutral land-use mediator) facilitate the gathering of public comment, develop input-based recommendations and vote on the recommendations. These recommendations would be utilized as foundational content for the Tier 5 amendment.

By adding a Tier 5 amendment, La Jolla and its councilperson might better leverage her/his prowess in the overall negotiation process. This strategy could represent an additional avenue to address the needs and desires of La Jollans.

Ira Parker

— — —

Consequences are needed for comments of Parks & Beaches board members

I was shocked at the comments, which in my opinion are blatantly racist, by Mary Ellen Morgan and Marie Hunrichs of the La Jolla Parks & Beaches board in your Oct. 8 issue. I reached out to Ann Dynes (president of the board) and was told that “individual comments by our members are just that.”

The problem is, eight board members were quoted in two separate La Jolla Light articles devoted exclusively to the LJPB board activities. It wasn’t in the Opinion section, like the views of Sally Fuller, which in my opinion were equally fallacious and abhorrent.

If it was truly their “individual comments,” it is in clear violation of LJPB bylaws and these individuals should be immediately removed. If these statements were made as a member (which the article states) and the LJPB chooses to not take action, then those statements should be attributed to the entire board and they should all be removed.

Jon Wiggins

— — —

Don’t use fear of sharks against seals and sea lions

The writer of the letter “La Jolla should be allowed to shoo seals away” (La Jolla Light, Oct. 15) is using fear mongering of a person [potentially] being attacked by a shark in La Jolla due to the increased population of seals at the Children’s Pool and sea lions at The Cove.

The only documented fatal shark attack in La Jolla at The Cove was in 1959, purported to be a diver, although there are questions about the validity. The juvenile white sharks seen along La Jolla and many other coastal communities are fish eaters, not large enough to attack mammals, including humans.

They have birthed in the deeper water about La Jolla and eventually migrate to Northern California. The adult females also migrate after giving birth and have attacked and killed people during this migration.

The seals/sea lions in La Jolla have nothing to do with this. I have been swimming at La Jolla Cove for over 30 years with no fear or trepidation of sharks. My biggest danger is riding my bike to The Cove along the coastal “bike route” of narrow streets with no bike lanes.

I also enjoy swimming with the sea lions at The Cove. Let’s embrace our wonderful wildlife experience here.

Jack Resnick

— — —

Too much park watering at The Cove

I just read your article about new trash cans that would be amazing (Tarnishing the Jewel, “How about alternatives to those trashy trash cans?” La Jolla Light, Oct. 15). It certainly would help with all the birds and trash.

However, I have another concern. We live at the coast and walk every morning to The Cove. I wrote the [city] Parks & Recreation [Department] about the excess watering at The Cove. We are in a drought and they continue to overwater the park — not only overwatering but watering the pavement and mud holes makes no sense.

We talked to the gal who turns on the sprinklers and she said, “That’s my job.” Very sad. At least if it was doing some good, but it’s not — just making a mud pie.

We love our park but also want to take care of the environment.

Sandie Ross

— — —

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