Our Readers Write: UCSD development; local improvements

A rendering depicts UC San Diego's planned Theatre District Living and Learning Neighborhood.
(UC San Diego)

Community concerns can’t be left out of UCSD’s plans

This letter was addressed to University of California President Michael Drake.

We wish to take a moment to register our opposition to the pending UC San Diego Theatre District Living and Learning Neighborhood project (formerly Future College L&L Neighborhood).

We had earlier voiced our strong opposition to that Living and Learning project. Now we have come to learn that project has morphed into the Theatre District Living and Learning Neighborhood. Why does UCSD return with basically the same 900,000-square-foot, nine- to 21-story project wrapped in a different package? Do they think this will serve to change our community’s mind in reference to support and approval?

UC San Diego’s Theatre District Living and Learning Neighborhood project appears to be progressing as scheduled, despite continued opposition from the La Jolla Shores Association.

The La Jolla residents have repeatedly and overwhelmingly expressed a lack of desire for this massive building monstrosity, yet the chancellor and UCSD seem oblivious to our community concerns and input. The university talks repeatedly about being a good citizen of the community, yet repeatedly and, apparently intentionally, chooses to move forward with their original plan, with no regard to our concerns in reference to the impact upon our neighborhood.

What is the purpose of UCSD sending representatives to our La Jolla Shores Association and other local board meetings in order to gain our support, without paying any attention to the local residents’ input? The local community’s, especially the impacted neighborhoods’, input and discussion into these massive construction projects has been limited by not having the requested forum for the entire community. In addition, the Public Records Act requests have, after many months, still not been fully responded to by UCSD.

How can any logical conclusions be reached in the absence of the necessary documents and plans? Also, please let us not forget to mention the need for more realistic traffic mitigation studies to explain to the public how the addition of 2,000 student beds, a 480-seat theater, shops, restaurants, meeting spaces and a transit hub and their vehicles realistically be quietly integrated into our neighborhoods without causing increased traffic, pollution and related noise? Why are you requesting that the quality of our lives and homes be compromised in order to fulfill the greedy sprawl of UCSD?

Dr. Drake, we are certain many of our neighbors share the same concerns we do. We reference the future intentions of UCSD to be a contributor, rather than a detractor, in our community. We are here at a junction whereby UCSD can finally demonstrate their true intentions in reference to the role UCSD wishes to play in our La Jolla community’s future.

We look forward to hearing your replies, hopefully which will take the needs of all parties into consideration.

John Sheridan, La Jolla Shores Association board member

Barbara Sheridan

— — —

Thanks for changes to yield sign and trash containers

I’d like to thank Steve Hadley from the office of City Council member Barbara Bry for having a yield sign in town for pedestrians redirected to face traffic coming from the north on Girard Avenue at the intersection with Pearl Street.

This can be a dangerous crossing for pedestrians walking south across Pearl. (Recent construction at this corner had shifted the sign so that it faced the traffic coming from the west on Pearl.)

Painted trash containers in La Jolla get a thumbs up from reader John O'Neal.
(Courtesy of John O'Neal)

Thanks also to the Maintenance Assessment District for painting the trash containers around town in an attractive shade of green. The artistic paintings on a few of them are a nice addition, too. Maybe we could have more of them.

John O'Neal

— — —

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