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One block of Avenida de la Playa in La Jolla Shores is closed to vehicle traffic for outdoor dining.
(Elisabeth Frausto)

Using parking spaces for restaurants is overdue

Does anyone see the irony in outdoor dining and walking malls in La Jolla? Last year the La Jolla Light published articles about having walking malls (for example, at Prospect and Girard) and businesses opening to patrons in La Jolla. Businesses, especially restaurants, were so concerned about giving up even one parking space that local businesses might suffer.

Today, restaurants are falling over each other to have sidewalks and parking spaces used for their restaurants. It is a shame that it took a pandemic for many restaurant owners to realize that people will walk to their restaurants and that their prized parking spaces may be used to generate profits and keep their businesses solvent.

Perhaps after all this is over, La Jolla (including La Jolla Shores) will become a “modern” town with a little energy.

David Marsh

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What about military helicopter noise?

I respect how zealous Anthony Stiegler is about the aircraft noise (“New departure procedure would provide jet noise relief for coastal communities,” guest commentary, La Jolla Light, Aug. 6). But I think he’s off base.

I’ve lived in the Windansea area for 38 years and the commercial jets rarely bother me. I have friends in Bird Rock and Muirlands and they say the commercial jets are no problem. But the military helicopters are a great bother. They cause our house to shudder and block any conversation, even the TV.

I accept the police and Coast Guard helicopters, but there is no reason for the military helicopter to fly right over the beach, except to see who’s on the beach.

I would appreciate [Stiegler] devoting his efforts toward getting the military to fly further at sea and at higher altitudes.

John Beaver

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Vendors make The Cove look shabby

I was surprised to see so many more vendors at The Cove setting up tables and selling trinkets and souvenirs, T-shirts, etc.

I remember seeing a few in the past selling T-shirts. But now we are talking about expanded numbers selling many different items. It looks extremely shabby to see it, and I believe it needs to be stopped by authorities!

Fay Bales

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So good to experience live music again

I was sitting on a silver convertible in the fourth row of the Mainly Mozart Vivaldi concert at the Del Mar Fairgrounds overflow parking lot on Aug. 8 with tears streaming down my face during the first movement of the first piece.

I knew I had missed live music and the performance arts since the quarantine started in mid-March. But I totally underestimated how very, very much that was. Being in a safe, casual environment, outdoors with my family with great artists and sharing live music with others was such a blessing.

Mainly Mozart has met this moment in an authentic and powerful way, and I congratulate its board, staff, artists and volunteers on a job well-done.

Courtney Coyle

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