Our Readers Write: School choice, politicians, Rusty Boardhouse

La Jolla High School is scheduled to have 72 enrollment "choice" seats allocated for the fall, according to the San Diego Unified School District.

Letters to the Editor:

School choice is limited when district sets the numbers

La Jolla Cluster representatives should have insisted on a clear answer to their query about important “choice”enrollments at our schools at the recent meeting with San Diego Unified officials.

Choice matters to everyone and deserves strong community support, but choice student numbers depend entirely on central office say-so.

Ms. [Marceline] Marques, the district spokesperson, claimed there would be an increase in “choice” seats allocated at La Jolla High to 72 and at Muirlands Middle to 79. But compared to what? Opaque, vague answers.

No substantive numbers offered from last year, this year and whatever’s planned for the coming year. The trend has been downward for a while, with fewer and fewer choice students assigned here.

Choice into La Jolla schools, a once-thriving program, has been diminished, not by natural selection or actual free choice made by families it was designed to serve, but by school district policy to promote a utopian central office vision based on a feel-good slogan — “a good school in every neighborhood.”

For many years, enrollment of “choice” students from outside La Jolla’s boundaries has created a racially integrated, more equitable socioeconomic environment in our five schools and it has sustained local schools’ enrollment census sufficient to retain good teachers and a variety of good programs.

Choice was a highly desirable alternative for San Diego families seeking a better school experience for their children. But when choice is restricted by official fiat, everyone suffers.

Frances O’Neill Zimmerman


Politicians make no room for common sense

My BFF, aka my bride, and I really liked last week’s Inga column (“Time for the powers that be to live like the rest of us”). It was spot on.

Local and state politicians operate on the premise that is directly opposite to the headline on the column. Obviously they do not attend any church services, so since it’s not essential to them, we all pay a price for their lack of belief in a higher power.

Did you read about the Westfield UTC opening in the same issue? They will monitor and control the number of guests entering the center and in lines! That will surely win them many patrons ... like who will wait in line before being allowed on their property?

Now how about being allowed to sunbathe on the beach starting Tuesday [June 2] with a mask on — that’ll get one a very special built-in white mask.

I think all politicians as soon as they are elected lose all common sense, as their sense of power fills that space between their ears! [State Assembly member] Lorena Gonzalez [D-San Diego] is the poster person for that condition.

Hope you can keep hammering away at these would-be control freaks in your special humorous style, Inga.

Lou Cumming


Landlord’s not to blame for Rusty closure

In your article regarding the recent closure of Rusty Boardhouse in The Shores, [co-owner Angie Preisendorfer partially] attributes the closure to the landlord and suggested rent increases. This is incorrect!

Their lease expired in September, some seven months before the coronavirus pandemic. Rusty had an option to renew the lease at a fair rent, which was negotiated approximately three years ago. They had not paid rent in months.

Any suggestion that we gouged Rusty with proposed rent increases is outrageous and damages our reputation in The Shores, especially during this economic crisis.

Certainly the closure of Avenida de la Playa for two years with the city storm drain replacement was a hardship on all the businesses. The pandemic has been another blow to landlords as well. We all share the pain.

However, rent was not the primary cause of Rusty’s demise. The space was re-leased within a week at the same rate and terms.

The Shores is slowly opening and we hope the summer will rejuvenate the community. This area is a fabulous destination and has overtaken The Village in tourist popularity.

We are all sorry to see Rusty close and wish them the best.

Lance Peto

Shores La Playa LLC, landlord


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