Opinion: Exasperating activities in La Jolla, like rude drivers, porch-package thieves and more

Local motorists earn the label, ‘La Jolla Driver’ if they believe a stop sign is merely a suggestion, as John C. Weil suggests.
(La Jolla Light File Photo)

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Many evening television shows investigate Bigfoot, aliens or haunted places. The investigative team never finds Bigfoot or aliens. Occasionally, ghost hunters record dubious paranormal events.

And although I believe aliens exist and I do believe in ghosts — I do, I do, I do — I’m more focused on those odd, mundane and exasperating things that occur here in La Jolla. Let’s take them one at a time.

The La Jolla Driver

Local motorists earn the label a “La Jolla Driver” if they believe that a stop sign is merely a suggestion.

In the past few months, I’ve almost been hit twice while in the crosswalk. A driver either rolled through or sped through a stop sign. I’ve had at least three other close calls from La Jollans who believe texting while driving is a viable option.

Before crossing at the corners of Genter/Draper and Draper/Pearl, I suggest you strap on armor plating. While walking toward Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza Restaurant, I leaped out of the way of a texting high school student who was driving a two-ton SUV. How close was it? The mirror clipped the cuff on my coat.

Alleged La Jolla Package Stealer

The alleged La Jolla Package Stealer — and I stress alleged — is pretty well known in La Jolla. She is mentioned repeatedly on the app, Next Door. Next Door entries call her Samantha. I don’t know if that’s her real name.

Recently, she parked on my neighbor’s driveway then walked from house to house appearing to be searching for delivered packages. UPS had left a package on a nearby walk. Coincidentally, I’m sure, she stopped near the gate. She ducked. Clearly she did not want to be seen. But she soon realized people were watching.

Frustrated, she began screaming and made threats. The other day she showed up again and began yelling at a neighbor. For the record, I’ve never seen her steal a package. But I’ve witnessed her odd behavior. She is blonde and barefoot. She drives both an Audi and a Lexus. I have photos of her and one of her car, including a license plate.

La Jolla Parking Space Saver

This particular person does not show up very often. Usually she arrives at night when the bars are active.

She is usually in her 20s, wearing a party dress and holding a cell phone to her ear, while standing in the middle of an available parking space to block access. She is “saving” the spot for a driver who is three miles away.

The Parking Lot Saver gets angry if you try to pull in. Admittedly, I feel sorry for her because she teeters on four-inch heels and gets so worked up she almost loses her balance. Plus, her shoes must hurt like heck. But that doesn’t justify her behavior.

The Amazing Multiplying Shopper

The Multiplying Shopper is most prevalent at holiday shopping season at UTC. This may have happened to you; 10 people are standing in front of you on the long line for the only manned cash register.

After a 15-minute wait, you are finally second in line. Hooray! You’ll be at the register in two minutes.

Suddenly, six family members and two friends of the person in front of you join her, arms overloaded with items. My goodness, that’s why she was on the phone. She had let her family know she is now first in line.

Now, instead of having to wait until an employee rings up just four, I had to wait until the employee rang up 37 items (yes, I counted) her friends and family members were holding.

Sorry to be channeling Andy Rooney. But why isn’t this kind of behavior considered rude? Why do retailers allow this?

Lack of Common Sense Monster

As long as I’ve mentioned UTC let’s go one step further. Honestly, you want to charge me for parking to shop at your mall? That decision took about as much common sense as the Restaurant Service Fee added to a bill.

C’mon, dump the parking fee. And La Jolla restaurants, please just incorporate the service fee into the cost of the meal. We all understand the issues you face.

Political Discourse Monster

The right to one’s opinion is the foundation of democracy. Shouting someone down who disagrees with you is wrong. Only through discussion and understanding can we resolve differences. Yet, here and there in La Jolla, we overhear vehement arguments.

Those who wish to silence opposing opinion — from any party — might want to do a Google search of Joe McCarthy.

La Jolla Sidewalk Hog

I’d be remiss not to mention people who insist on walking side by side on a sidewalk at all times, even as walkers approach from the other direction. They expect people to step aside, or step off the sidewalk just for them.

The Sock Monster

We all have things that annoy us. One of mine is the sock monster. In my house, we wash clothing at our peril. Somewhere between drying and taking the load out of the dryer, the Sock Monster has removed one sock.

I wish an investigative team would catch the Sock Monster in the act. Hint, he may look something like Bert and Ernie.

What I’ve mentioned isn’t as exciting as Bigfoot, aliens or ghosts. No investigative television program will look into any of this. But if they do, please find and return my black Gold Toe sock. I miss it.