Enhance La Jolla and La Jolla’s Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) gives progress report on improvements to The Village: December 2019

Among the improvement projects by Enhance La Jolla and La Jolla’s Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) is sidewalk power washing — performed on Sunday and Monday nights each week from midnight to 8 a.m.
(La Jolla Light File Photo)

Opinion / Guest Commentary:

This report provides a snapshot of La Jolla’s Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) operations for the first three months since maintenance work began.

It has taken MAD and its vendors all of this time to finally get a handle on so much deferred maintenance in The Village. But, we have turned the corner and are now focusing on the routine activities that will ensure a visibly cleaner and fresher look in town.

As work progressed during this period, we noticed two issues that became more and more evident as time passed.

First, because most of The Village does not have an improved storm sewer system, after most rain events, we’d see the silt and sand that had washed into The Village was deposited in many of our pedestrian ramps.

Second, after removing trash and litter and trimming bushes and trees, a continuing problem has been dog do-do. It’s always deposited in our streets and on our sidewalks in the evenings and early mornings, but it happens with too much regularity not to address.

So, MAD has implemented efforts to correct these two ongoing issues. Regarding the first, we now have a crew to sweep and wash, if necessary, each pedestrian ramp in Zone 1 of The Village every Friday. This will remove the sand and water that may have collected in the pedestrian ramps to improve their safety and cleanliness for the users of these ramps.

Regarding the second issue, our litter control crew now focuses its efforts on a pooperscooper activity every Wednesday. In the near term, these and the other activities of our vendors — for landscape maintenance, litter control and sidewalk washing — will continue to improve the look of The Village.

MAD has also implemented a pilot project for painting trash receptacles, focused on Wall Street. This project will improve the look of the City trash receptacles and create a look unique to La Jolla. More receptacles will be painted each month.

Landscape maintenance is performed four days each week, Monday-Thursday. Litter control and trash collection is performed seven days each week.

Sidewalk power washing is performed on Sunday and Monday nights each week from midnight to 8 a.m.

MAD works closely with San Diego City staff. We are now focused on an issue that vexes all of us; unattended trash dumpsters. With the City’s assistance, we will find appropriate solutions at each of these locations. More to come on this issue.

As always, your input, comments, and concerns are welcome. You can contact La Jolla’s Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) at (858) 444-5892 or e-mail: and visit