OUR READERS WRITE: Letters to La Jolla Light, Aug. 3 issue: Venture Crew trek is grueling, exhilarating

La Jolla Venture Crew 506 recently returned from Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico having backpacked 80-plus miles through heat, lightning and hailstorms, up mountain peaks over 11,000 feet high and among wildlife including deer, bear, rattlesnakes, the rarely-sighted ring-tailed cat, birds and insects too numerous to mention! Afternoon and evening programs included blacksmithing, horseback riding, gold panning and mine exploring, shooting, climbing, musical “stomps” and celestial displays unknown in Southern California.

Venturing is a youth-led, youth-inspired program of the Boy Scouts of America, open to young men and women, ages 14-21. If interested or you any questions, please contact Advisor Clark Smith at (858) 204-9151.

Tiffany Smith

Tough getting straight answer from Airport Noise Authority

La Jolla Light, I appreciate your reports on the airport noise issues that have impacted many communities for many years. At least a couple of decades ago, a night-time noise abatement agreement was implemented that moved aircraft departing after 10 p.m. from the ZZOOO departure to a 290-degree heading, which means a turn right toward Mission Beach (MB). To my knowledge (and I have lived in Mission Beach since 1974), Mission Beach did not participate in the decision.

The 290-degree departure is “supposed” to have aircraft fly south of the MB peninsula over the channel. Also, we have been told for many years that aircraft previously given a 293-degree (with destinations north) heading were supposed to fly out on the same 290-degree departure heading. But for a couple of years, I have asked and complained to Sjohnna Knack (Airport Planning & Noise Mitigation program manager), that these flights were continuing to fly on the 293-degree heading, but Ms. Knack and the FAA denied my observations.

Now, we have the new NexGen Satellite Navigation with the PADRZ SID to destinations north. Again, I have pointed out to Ms. Knack that these aircraft departing after 10 p.m. are flying PADRZ, not the noise abatement 290-degree heading.

I think this is another example, like the recent La Jolla noise monitoring you reported on, that Ms. Knack operates on the fringe of the truth. These flights do increase noise in Bird Rock, at least. I would appreciate it if you at some point in the future can ask Ms. Knack why the departures north past 10 p.m. are following PADRZ and are not on the 290-degree heading?

Gary Wonacott, Mission Beach Town Council

Is La Jolla experiencing a state of decline?

A recent report by the Real Data Strategies, Inc. shows that the communities north of San Diego — Carlsbad, Solana Beach, Oceanside, Encinitas and Cardiff By The Sea — have all experienced an increase in residential real estate values this past year. Only La Jolla has seen a drop in real estate values. The other cities have had from 2.6 percent to 20.1 percent growth in the average value of real estate. La Jolla has had a 6.4 percent lower growth rate than the lowest of the others.

Instead of growing, La Jolla fell 3.8 percent. Could it be that the word is getting out that La Jolla is experiencing contaminated beaches and awful smelling air? Has the “Jewel of San Diego” been tarnished by the inaction to these environmental problems? When will it be too late to address these problems?

Max Rumbaugh

Letter to Mayor Faulconer: Clean up The Cove!

As a La Jolla resident for more than 40 years, I am shocked and very saddened over the sea lion infestation at La Jolla Cove. Their smells are so offensive, we avoid going to those areas of The Cove where this has become an intolerable problem. Not only are the sea lions polluting our environment, they eat the fish in our protected reserves and attract sharks who feed on them. They are polluting our waters and causing human illness.

We recently took a Baltic cruise and when we told people we were from La Jolla, the first thing people who had been to La Jolla would say to us was that the smell was so offensive. Why has the City of San Diego not done something about it? These were people from around the world speaking of (and hearing from others) of the offensive odors in La Jolla. It was shocking to us that this is their lasting memory of their visit to La Jolla and San Diego.

This problem MUST be resolved NOW. As a former San Diego Deputy City Attorney, I know we have the laws and ability to enforce the laws to resolve this problem. Why has it not been done? If we were talking about rats, would we have tolerated this problem for so long?

Please remove the seals from the Cove NOW!

Kenneth Greenman, Jr.


The July 27 story “Permitters approve zoning proposal, new residence project” should have said the new incentive-based zoning proposal presentation at the La Jolla Shores Planned District Ordinance Advisory Board was information-only, but the members were generally supportive of the concept.

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