OUR READERS WRITE: La Jolla Light Aug. 24 issue: Time to link the Scenic Drives by an overpass

The Aug. 17 letter from Barry Francis about the Regents Road bridge reminded me that we ought to be looking also at an overpass between La Jolla Scenic Drive North and La Jolla Scenic Drive South. Yes, that’s right — over La Jolla Parkway, so those of us who drive between home on the south side of the “traffic light from hell” to work on the north side might be able to avoid the long queues of cars on either side.

Another open route to and from Mount Soledad would not only relieve congestion at the bottom of the hill, but would provide a needed alternate emergency route off the mountain. In my 30 years of living in La Jolla, I have never understood why this bridge can’t be built — the abutments are already in place!

Jane Dyson

High school track remains off-limits to public

For almost a year, we have heard La Jolla High School leadership assert that the main reason they closed the track to the public was concern about vandalism, dog poop and other abuses of the facility. Only if we pay for custodians, can the public resume use.

Today (Aug. 15) the hollowness of that excuse rang true. There were several staff clearly visible at the track at 7:30 a.m., and with some gates being open, I decided to run some laps. I was told (politely) that the track was closed to the public. Of course, I left. But it was clear that even when the circumstances of staff presence precluded any kind of mischief except by the most brazen ne’er do wells, the real issue is that the high school leadership simply does not want us there.

Igor Grant

Safe to swim in The Cove?

I am thinking about coming to La Jolla this weekend to swim at The Cove, but I don’t want to drive down if there is a health department water advisory in place. Can you tell me if it’s safe to swim there now?


Editor’s Note: At press deadline, Aug. 21, there were no beach advisories posted at La Jolla Cove (only La Jolla Children’s Pool), but the situation changes daily. To see beach advisories for all of San Diego and “Check-in Before You Swim,” visit the County website or call the beach hotline at (619) 338-2073.

UCSD’s Sixth College plans irk neighbors

I read the article in last week’s paper by Roger Showley of The San Diego Union Tribune about UC San Diego’s plans for its Sixth College “North Torrey Pines Living & Learning Neighborhood.” The report seemed to be a piece on behalf of UCSD. A few things come to mind, namely UCSD is not an island without neighbors and La Jolla is not urban space.

How would the reporter like it if this monstrosity was in his neighborhood?

Joy Urich

Three murals ‘unfit’ for La Jolla

This letter is for the La Jolla Community Foundation and the Athenaeum’s La Jolla Murals committee. Please remove the following three murals, which I perceive to be disturbing! “Expecting to Fly,” the naked, tattooed-man on the corner of Virginia Way and Girard Avenue (it does not depict the town we live in); “Blah, Blah, Blah,” which says to tourists, “We don’t care what you have to say”; and “Sexy Cash,” near Rubio’s restaurant (this is pure graffiti).

We live in a lovely town. Please put up murals depicting Star Pines (there are not many left in La Jolla); Torrey Pines, which are only found here and South America; sunsets with the silhouettes of tall palm trees, like those on Girard Avenue; and murals with the blue ocean and white waves. Such images would show residents what our town has to offer and admire. Thank you!

Diann Morgan

Put quizzes, answers in the same issue

I love the Kitchen Shrink column and have learned so much about food therein. One suggestion: Please put answers to the occasional quizzes at the end of those quizzes (perhaps upside down) because I don’t always get the paper the next week and never know the correct answers. I hope the Kitchen Shrink keeps on with her wonderful nutrition and cooking information!

Sharon Klein