OUR READERS WRITE: Aug. 17 issue: Campaign on to promote safer driving in La Jolla

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I related to the Aug. 10 La Jolla Light story about the rash of recent traffic accidents in La Jolla. Insulated, isolated and distracted drivers are a bane to our community. Unfortunately, a single front-page piece is not enough. I suggest the Light undertake a new “Quixotic” effort to improve driving habits in La Jolla.

Ask readers to submit a motto, slogan, aphorism, adage, truism that encourages safer driving. Print one every week on the front page — preferably above the fold.

Here are some examples:

“Drive aware. The life you save may be mine.”

“No matter how fast you drive, there’s a red light ahead.”

“Hands on the wheel. Eyes on the road.”

“A moment of inattention; a lifetime of regret.”

“Pedestrians and cyclists have no protective armor.”

“I don’t drive faster when you tailgate.”

Good luck with this.

Rich Wolf

Editor’s Note: OK readers! If you’ve got the slogans, we’ve got the paper and ink! Send your cautionary reminders to and we’ll publish them in La Jolla Light each week.

Here’s a few reasons why traffic is tough in town

There are many reasons for all these car accidents. Among them are: 1) Speed. Put up more speed limit signs, and enforce the rules. 2) There are bike lanes. However, maybe because in many areas the black top does not reach the curb, bicyclists ride as close to the auto lanes as possible. Also, many of them seem to feel superior to the non-bicycle riders. Rules are for the rest of society. 3) This is no longer a sleepy little beach town.

We need stop lights. Some visitors and older people don’t seem to know how to deal with four-way stops. Also, due to the high cost of La Jolla real estate, we have many aggressive residents here. It’s amazing to me how many times the car that has stopped behind a car that has stopped for a stop sign immediately follows the first car through without stopping.

Stanley Back

Time to revisit Regents Road bridge plans

My current commute is between La Jolla and Del Mar — a 15-minute journey when traffic moves. Lately, my evening commute takes up to an hour coming home. My morning commute brings me to I-5 from La Jolla Village Drive. Merging onto the freeway brings me angst and stress. The No. 4 lane is a literal stand-still from Genesee Avenue well past La Jolla Village Drive. Lanes 1, 2 and 3 are moving fast enough where I am just waiting for someone to crash into my car as I ease my way into the traffic flow. This is a dangerous area to commute!

Would the go-ahead with the Regents Road bridge have helped with this increasingly stressful and unsafe commute? I believe so. Not just on the northbound I-5, but also in the evening. The traffic in the evening is so bad that commuters from the Golden Triangle frequently go up to Torrey Pines North, down past UCSD and re-enter the freeway at Gillman Drive, La Jolla Parkway, or wind their way up Mount Soledad clogging small streets in The Shores. The wisdom of our City Council late last year deemed it more important to not build the Regents Road bridge due to small neighborhood scuffles and an environmental group’s pressure. This was the trade-off — Roseland, La Jolla Shores Road and Hidden Valley Road now take much of this traffic south and into Pacific Beach and other points south. Regents Road was planned for traffic like this, not Via Capri.

If you believe this will get better next year when the I-5 corridor through this area will be complete, think again. UCSD is planning on much more construction along Torrey Pines Road North. It will be adding nearly 6,000 more beds and increasing its enrollment to 45,000 students. This construction will now force those who use Torrey Pines Road onto I-5 in larger numbers.

This project will take many years to complete. Well, what about the new trolley line? A great idea, but it’s not slated for service until 2021. We will have a horrendous mess for the next 5 to 10 years; after that, who knows?

Having Regents Road open to traffic from The Triangle down to Mission Bay would be an overwhelming win for those who live and commute through the area. It’s not just about those residents, human or animal, that live near the Regents’ canyon area. Our City leaders should reconsider the Regents Road Bridge and get started on it right now!

Barry Francis

La Jolla Parkway Speedway: The Road to Anarchy

The La Jolla Parkway is one of the busiest arterial roads in San Diego and has become a defacto daily and nightly speedway. The last available City of San Diego Engineering & Traffic Survey measured 99 percent of westbound and 89 percent of eastbound traffic speeding. So why were no speeding citations issued in 2016? And why do the police claim that they are unable to enforce the speed limit due to the “lack of a shoulder,” which is patently absurd and factually incorrect. This is analogous to saying “We will not apprehend criminals, because it’s inconvenient and too dangerous.”

Is this the road to anarchy? A police force that refuses to police or a city government that cannot govern.

Name withheld by request

La Jolla: It’s spoiled and soiled

I have been in La Jolla off and on for many years and so I’ve witnessed the deterioration of the beautiful Jewel. I speak not only of the ever-present potholes, but the absolutely filthy sidewalks around the park by The Cove. I am embarrassed for La Jolla.

Karin Warren

Editor laments: Why didn’t we think of that?

Editor’s Note: Last week we published our semi-annual Alphabet Soup feature providing an updated summary and contact information about each of La Jolla’s 13 community advisory boards. An appreciative reader called to say she learned a lot from the piece, but suggested that in the future we include contact links to La Jolla’s City Council representative, Barbara Bry as part of the report. Consider it done, but in the meantime, here’s how to reach Bry’s office with community concerns: (619) 236-6611 or or City Administration Building 202 C Street, MS #10A, San Diego, CA 92101.

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