OUR READERS WRITE: Letters to the Editor from the Aug. 10 issue: Su Casa will be open until new owner assumes property

As the owner of Su Casa Restaurant, I would like to respond to this headline in last week’s paper: “‘Su Casa’ building project ready to go: La Jolla restaurant may close as soon as the end of summer. Su Casa Restaurant is not going to close until the new owner takes possession of the property. This process could take some time, even months … and in the mean time, this article will impact our loyal patrons. Our doors are and will remain open. Thanks for your understanding.

Moishe Chernovetzky, Su Casa Restaurant

Seals and sea lions are a detriment to La Jolla

I thought I would take the time to submit a letter addressed to our Mayor and Town Council President (not the first) on July 21. To date, I have not had the courtesy of a response nor an acknowledgment of receipt.

Dear Mayor Faulconer,

As a La Jolla resident since 1953, I appreciate the fact that we live in a unique place. People have been attracted to La Jolla because of its proximity to beautiful beaches, swimming, surfing, diving and fishing. Unfortunately, the beauty of this special place has been seriously damaged, if not destroyed, by the fact that we have allowed seals and sea lions to foul our beaches and local waters, create unacceptable odors, deny our residents access to prime diving, swimming and fishing locations, and devastate our fish population.

I had the fortune to grow up in this community and take advantage of the world-class fishing, diving, surfing and water sports. When was the last time I did any of these things? Many years ago. The Cove’s annual Rough Water Swim has been canceled twice (due to health department warnings about the bacteria count in the water). At times, our beaches are closed to our residents.

I strongly urge you to take appropriate action now, to remove the seal and sea lion populations and restore our beaches (and community) to the beautiful place it once was!

Dr. Charles Weber

It’s time to disperse La Jolla’s seals, sea lions

I am appalled by the lack of effort to remove the seals and sea lions from our La Jolla Cove and the Children’s Pool. These animals stink, are obnoxious, and actually threatening to humans. There are miles of uninhabited beaches and islands they can live on. In fact, then some entrepreneur could make money and have tourists go for “see lion” tours. The City could collect taxes from their business licenses.

Meanwhile, I can no longer go to our beautiful beaches or go swimming, surfing, diving and fishing. My husband and I used to fish regularly with our four sons. That is no longer possible. When the seals and sea lions first arrived, the minute we caught a fish on the line, they followed it close to the boat and then bit it off, right at the gills. Later on, we caught no fish at all. Now we just “sit” on our boat.

I can no longer swim at The Cove and there are no fish to see when snorkeling. The biggest concern of all is why the City lets seals and sea lions live right next to the coastal Marine Reserve by La Jolla Shores. Yum. Yum. Easy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Geez ... why can’t I fish there? The purpose of the Coastal Marine Reserve is to “protect” fish while they grow.

I strongly urge the City to take appropriate action, now, to remove the seal and sea lion populations in La Jolla. Stop dragging your feet!

Lauren P. Hunter

Enforce City code on short vacation rentals

I live on Avenida Cresta in lower Hermosa. A home nearby has recently been converted to a short-term rental in an R1-10 Zone. Last Friday, I witnessed 12 tourists exiting the home with roller bags, filling three large SUVs after staying in a three-bedroom house. They left 10 trash bags behind.

I confronted the manager of the local vacation rentals business who told me the company is in total compliance with existing laws. This is not the case. The City Attorney has already ruled short-term rentals in a residential zone is illegal, and a code violation.

I was told Mayor Faulconer has instructed the Code Compliance office not to enforce this law. However, we need immediate relief from this intrusion and I demand immediate enforcement.

Lawrence Bogle

City Hall, City Hall, Why have you forgotten us?

In his letter last week, Mr. Greenman asked Mayor Kevin Faulconer to clean up La Jolla Cove. He posed, “If we were talking about rats, would we have tolerated this problem so long?”

There is a precedent in this City for turning over public property to animals. Over the years, City Hall has been turned over to rats, weasels, skunks and snakes. If you expect the Mayor to do something, realize that he is adept at doing nothing.

He won’t do a “Faulcon” thing.

Dan Truitt

To the ANAC committee: Listen to the people!

Hopefully, you members of the Airport Noise Advisory Committee (ANAC) read last week’s letter written by Gary Wonacott, which appeared in the La Jolla Light newspaper. It speaks directly to the collective frustrations we residents of the San Diego Coastal area feel in regard to the spike in noise from offensive, loud commercial jets flying over our homes at all hours of the day and night, negatively impacting our quality of life.

We are instructed by the FAA and ANAC to be good citizens and participate in the democratic process by registering our complaints. This is rather hard to do when your agency continually takes premeditated steps to place obstacles in our path, all the while saying there are no perceptible noise issues. I hope you do not equate the citizenry of La Jolla and Pacific Beach as if this is Roswell, New Mexico and we are all the victims of an alien sighting.

The community has registered thousands of noise complaints and all we receive in return are automatic replies that say “thank you for your feedback.” The information and details we supply appear to be ignored, since there have been no measurable improvements, yet your staff says we should keep registering our complaints. Why and for what purpose?

In the meanwhile, your office (ANAC) has changed the noise complaint format form and made it much less user-friendly. Was this intentionally done to reduce the number of complaints? The other deceptive maneuver is the fact that your office now keeps complaint report counts per household rather than per complaint, thus reducing the actual number of complaints recorded.

When we are continually dealt with unfairly, it undermines the credibility of your office. We all recognize the differences between Air Force, private prop planes out of Montgomery Field, and the overwhelming number of commercial jets flying overhead in/out of Lindbergh Field at all hours of the day and night. We expect to be dealt with fairly and rationally. These two basic ingredients have been missing from most of the communications we’ve received and read from your office in the past eight months.

What is ANAC realistically prepared to do to demonstrate its willingness to cooperate with our communities toward a positive solution to the aircraft noise problem? We would like to see your written response on concrete plans of how these improvements will take place.

John Sheridan

Text parameters dictate a poem’s format

I wrote the poem below while looking at the sunset from Coast Blvd. Park, near my neighborhood beach, Whispering Sands. I wrote it via text on my cell phone for a friend, so I could share the experience with him. I had to be concise and to the point. I’m 21 years old and a senior studying psychology at Cornell University visiting my parents for the summer.

“Into the Night”

I watched the sun set,

before my very eyes

it happened so quick

I was afraid to miss it.

First, an orb.

The very same orb that

would blind you at midday,

became a gentle,

luminescent thing,

an engagement ring

that the smitten day


to the lovely night.

It was a sight

to behold

As it transformed then

into an island,

a beautiful haven

made entirely of light

And it grew smaller,

smaller still,


it disappeared

with eyes wide open

And our silence was the


A momentary pause

Until we disappeared

into the night.

Amberly Robinson