Crosswalk Victory! It takes a community to create safety, walkability and access to businesses in La Jolla


Over the past 14 years, a group representing hundreds of La Jolla residents on the south side of Torrey Pines Road, drove a grassroots effort for pedestrian safety in their community. After much collaboration with the City, the group recently celebrated the City’s installation of a HAWK pedestrian signal and crosswalk on Torrey Pines Road between Amalfi and Princess Street.


Each year in San Diego, an average of 20 pedestrians are killed and 500 pedestrians are wounded or seriously injured by vehicle crashes. The Residents for Torrey Pines Safety did not want to be a part of these grim statistics.

Representing hundreds of residents on the south side of Torrey Pines Road, they had no way of safely crossing this busy neighborhood thoroughfare. They organized to drive a grassroots effort for pedestrian safety.

After much collaboration over the course of 14-plus years, they recently celebrated the installation of a HAWK pedestrian signal (High-intensity Activated cross-Walk beacon) on Torrey Pines Road, between Amalfi and Princess Street, with the presence of representatives from the City.

Next to the chief benefit of saving residents from injury and death, there are many other advantages a community gains from having safe-crossing options.

These include promoting exercise, reducing the need for driving (and adding to parking congestion), and helping promote foot traffic to local businesses (for La Jollans access to The Shores and The Village areas).

This effort has taken diligence and consistent communication among The Residents for Torrey Pines Safety and La Jolla’s City Council representatives. Former Council member Scott Peters began this effort; former Council member Sherri Lightner worked very hard to promote this project with design and funding; and current Council member Barbara Bry closed the loop and brought it to fruition. The Residents for Torrey Pines Safety are grateful for their support.

If you are thinking about promoting safer conditions in your area, know that any type of large community change will require the collaboration of residents, City representatives, community groups and organizations like Circulate San Diego, which is dedicated to educating communities and promoting safety and walkability.

For more information on how to drive safely in your area, check out Vision Zero (, Circulate San Diego ( or e-mail