Tarnishing Our Jewel: Electric scooters invade La Jolla; Diseased palm trees in the Village


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Reporting for duty

The photo above: I call this image "Scooter Invasion."

William Pieren


Dead trees in need of burials

Unlike the quick response the City of Del Mar took in 2003 (removing five such wilted trees from Coast Highway, due to the threat of the highly contagious, ultimately fatal, fusarium wilt, as reported in The San Diego Union Tribune), there appears to be no such urgency by the City of San Diego. I have heard that the City won't allow the owner to remove the palm on Colima and Beaumont streets, and has made no plans to make an effort to contain this insidious fungal disease.

Instead of talking about about the natural stink in The Cove, we should be doing everything we can to protect our beautiful, iconic Canary Island Palms throughout the City and La Jolla. Perhaps a story on this would help.

— Tom Matkov

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