Our Readers Write: La Jollans share their views on electronic scooters on sidewalks, short-term vacation rentals, La Jolla Christmas Parade name

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Scooter hodge-podge is assault on disabled

This photograph — an especially egregious example of why many of us are anti-scooter — captures the reason. If you’re in a wheelchair or otherwise physically disabled, you cannot move these things. With an injured shoulder, I couldn’t pick them up and place them out of the way to clear a path to the wheelchair curb cut near my apartment — nor should I have to.

We claim that as a society we care about disabled veterans, the elderly, and others with physical challenges. Given that, we should prioritize policy toward those who have true mobility issues over those who want a “fun” way to get around.

Name withheld by request


Continue reporting STVR violations

Now that the San Diego City Council has rescinded the compromise rules on short-term vacation rentals, they are operating illegally in residential-zoned neighborhoods. It is time for those negatively affected by STVRs to write or call our Mayor and/or City Council members and complain every time a residential-zoned property is being used as a STVR. If these officials keep getting complaints on a regular basis, they may get fed up with dealing with us and realize they need to resolve this issue.

Let them know the address of the STVR, so they can document where this is happening.

Their contact information is Mayor Kevin Faulconer (619) 236-6330,; City Attorney Mara Elliott (619) 236-6220,; Code Enforcement (619) 236-5500. (They won’t do anything, but ask them to document your complaint.)

Avalee Cohen


La Jolla Christmas Parade name exudes exclusivity

I found quite interesting the opinions expressed recently by those who oppose any change to the name of our La Jolla Christmas Parade. One opinion was that discrimination and exclusivity among people was tolerable, if coupled with civility and proper social etiquette. Another was that a civic parade, which in name commemorates an important event in the history of a particular religion, can exclude all others as long as that religion’s followers stand in the majority.

It is undeniable that a Christmas Parade, by its very name, is a celebration of Christianity. And, that is fine, if the event is openly recognized and treated as such. If, however, the suggested purpose and intent of the parade is community, with a desire to join all people of La Jolla together with an eye toward neighborly inclusiveness, the event’s name does matter.

Dave Bola


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