Our Readers Write: La Jollans share their views on ‘city independence,’ discarded palm fronds, parking regulations, Prop. 47 and more local topics


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City’s palm frond mess is littering La Jolla

Can you do a “name and shame” piece on the trash piling up on Girard Avenue? The City cut the palm trees 2 weeks ago, and the palm fronds have been lying on the sidewalk ever since (pictured above). It’s a disgrace that the City would not finish the job. It’s also a hazard and somebody might sue if they trip. In any case, it’s a dirty and disgraceful eyesore for La Jolla. You can see it all right in front of H&R Block and up from the Pannikin.

Bill Smith


Time is here to push for an Independent La Jolla

After reading the last two issues of the La Jolla Light, I feel the love and pain from so many letter-writers who believe La Jolla is going down the drain before our very eyes. We want things done to save our community. The good news is we can do something! We can become our own City. It is possible. It just takes money! $2.9 million.

We know there is so much money in this community that $2.9 million is nothing. Honestly, if I had $4 million, I would give $2.9 million to save La Jolla, and whomever does it has the honor of having their legacy be “Founder of the City of La Jolla.” What a great way to go down in history, as the person who saved one of the most beautiful communities in all of California. What a wonderful way to do something great with your money. Perhaps a few people can do it together?

Here’s a list of the things we could do as our own city:

• Get rid of leaf blowers.

• Fill all the pot holes and have the streets power-washed.

• Fix all the cracked, crumbling sidewalks.

• Trim all the aged, overgrown trees and bushes.

• Have fireworks.

• Have more than two police officers.

• Clean the smelly seaweed off our beaches.

• Encourage the pinnipeds to return to their wild habitat.

• Get rid of dockless bikes and scooters.

• Stop the huge houses from being built in small neighborhoods.

• Offer concerts in the park again.

We could do all the things this community wants to do but cannot because we are part of the City of San Diego (and restricted by their funds and codes). We could have our community back! Please know there is a process in place to do this, it is called LAFCO: Local Agency Formation Commission.

LAFCO is something we all pay taxes for and it’s the City agency that separates communities from the City. LAFCO has a website. Look at it. I met with them and asked if an Independent La Jolla is possible. I and was told, “yes.” The head of LAFCO came to La Jolla a few years to say during a public meeting that with independence, our taxes would not go up.

We’ve proven we can afford to be our own city (we paid $35,000 just to do the study). Anyone who thinks the City will suffer from La Jolla’s loss is mistaken. We must pay alimony to leave, and the City will then use those funds to help other communities. San Diego is too big and too broke to take care of all its communities and if we do not get out soon, I believe we will lose the Jewel of California. La Jollans pay far more in taxes than we get back in services. There comes a time when something has to change, and we are there.

Independent La Jolla has a site, where we have many questions and answers; we also have almost 4,000 followers on Facebook. We have the ability to as great as Carmel and Laguna, I believe even better.

Hear this plea: If there is anyone out there who cares enough and wants to be the “Founder of the City of La Jolla,” please contact me at (858) 454-5939 to go forward. The time has come!

Melinda Merryweather


Parking prohibition unfair on Scenic Drive

I live in La Jolla and work at UC San Diego and I’m upset to hear there was a unanimous decision made to eliminate parking on La Jolla Scenic Drive. I don’t believe the full community was considered in this decision. And, I don’t believe the decision actually addresses the problem that it was proposed to solve.

The rationale was to lessen high-speed traffic coming off the freeway. Eliminating parking doesn’t change speeding traffic coming off the freeway.

If speeding motorists are the problem, address that speeding with speed bumps, traffic enforcement and additional signage. Don’t penalize other members of the community who may not be able to afford parking on campus and may not be able to find other suitable parking.

At the end of the day, this proposal harms respectful members of the community and doesn’t address the issue of people speeding on La Jolla Scenic.

Eliminating daytime parking here hurts me, a single mother who has an altered schedule and is trying to make ends meet without adding the additional cost of $1,000 a year to park my car. I pay taxes for this City street, too.

Laura M.


Memorial July 25 for late library leader

Friends and family are gathering to remember Richard Burke, former branch manager of the La Jolla Library, at 11 a.m. Wednesday, July 25, 2018 in the library at 7555 Draper Ave. Richard passed earlier this year of an undisclosed illness. He was 68 and lived in Palm Springs. During his 40-year career, he served in La Jolla from 1995 to 2008. He was part of the planning of the library’s expansion in 2002. He is originally from White Cloud, Michigan.

“Working in La Jolla was a highlight of his career,” said family friend Sidney Miraz. “He would be happy knowing that we are celebrating his life in a location that meant so much to him.”

The event is open to the public. For more information, call (858) 242-8173.

Jim Stewart


Setting the Prop. 47 record straight

Regarding the Guest Commentary “Through the La Jolla Looking Glass,” in the July 5 issue, I was disappointed in the author’s demonstrated lack of empathy; however, I was alarmed by her statement, if true, that the police told her there was nothing they could do about her assault at CVS due to Prop 47. This is a false narrative I have been increasingly hearing from community members who contact the police to report crimes.

Prop 47 does not “decriminalize theft, forgery, writing bad checks, receiving stolen property, drug-use on the streets and shoplifting,” and it certainly does not decriminalize assault. Prop 47 reclassified some offenses that used to be felonies to misdemeanors, which in turn lowers potential sentences and diverts offenders to county jail instead of state prison.

I have worked in the San Diego County court system for many years and I am at a loss to explain why police officers responding to citizen complaints are allegedly stating Prop 47 does not allow them to investigate or arrest individuals for criminal behavior.

Name withheld by request


Patti the duck, still missing

Even though I have not found my sweet Patti the duck, I have received dozens upon dozens of kind words and caring messages from our community due to the announcement last week in the La Jolla Light. Thank you.

Kristi Pieper



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