Our Readers Write: La Jollans voice their opinions about overflowing trash, traffic violations, Rec Center needs shade trees, airplane noise, cityhood for La Jolla and more local topics


Our Readers Write / Opinion / Letters to the Editor:

Letters to the Editor from the Aug. 9, 2018 issue of La Jolla Light as La Jollans speak out on local issues:


New ideas for overflowing trash issue in the Village of La Jolla

••• A solution for the trash overflows, which people keep sending the La Jolla Light images of (find one above), is to couple our trash bins with recycling bins. This would raise consciousness about the importance of recycling, while doubling the capacity of bins in The Village to prevent loose trash on the streets. — Ellyn Quiggle

••• New York City is holding a search for a trash can redesign. The contest, which ends Sept. 20, aims to improve on the ubiquitous 1930s, metal mesh design seen on street corners. Designers from around the globe are now vying to create a new vision for the ubiquitous metal mesh cans in the BetterBin competition. Why don’t we hold a similar contest to solve La Jolla’s trash bin problems? — Susan Weseley


La Jolla Parkway traffic violations not enforced

We moved to La Jolla a little over a year ago, to a home off of La Jolla Scenic Drive. While we very much enjoy our neighbors and neighborhood, we have the unfortunate situation of living on a street that commuters use to bypass the traffic on La Jolla Parkway.

There are traffic signs that indicate use of the street for U-turns is prohibited, but this law is clearly not enforced. We look forward to every issue of the La Jolla Light and have found that this paper is an excellent resource for the community.

With this in mind, are you aware of a way to address this issue with the City or with the Police Department, as they are not enforcing clear traffic violations.

Jesse W. Hall

Editor’s Note: Last week, the Light received (and printed) photos and letters from other residents with your same concerns. After reaching out to police about the situation, the Light received this response: “What days and times is this occurring? Is this just normal rush hour traffic or is there construction causing this? Police would only be involved in enforcing the traffic laws being broken. You would need to contact the City, as well, to see if traffic engineering could do anything, so I would go through Barbara Bry’s office on that.” Bry can be reached at (619) 236-6611.


La Jolla Rec Center needs shade trees

An article in last week’s La Jolla Light describing a dying tree planted in 2015 and leaning on the grounds of the La Jolla Recreation Center also mentions a battle to install shade structures over the playground.

It would be great to plant more trees to provide shade, which would be more natural and beneficial in capturing carbon. Sacrificing some concrete and asphalt to plant trees will also cool off the area from all the heat absorbed by these materials and beautify the area.

Jack Resnick


Voices must unite against aircraft noise

Thank you, La Jolla Light for the excellent article and follow-up about the pocket park at the base of Midway Street in Bird Rock. The contractor at the remodel three houses away has taken over cleaning the park and when the construction is completed the City has agreed to take away the ugly sandbags. This was a great example of the power of the press!

I also thank you for your continued coverage of the aircraft noise problem and now the proposed major expansion of Terminal I. Thanks also to Airport Task Force co-chairs Chris McCann and Tony Stiegler for their tireless work on behalf of our community.

I’ve written a letter of complaint to the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority (due by Aug. 23) per your latest article on July 19, 2018. I have opened an account at so I could file a complaint on the website any time I hear a loud aircraft or helicopter noise (which happens constantly from dawn to midnight!).

I chose to buy an “airnoise complaint button” (see photo above) which connects through my home wi-fi system. I carry it with me whenever I’m home and click away constantly. Every week, Airnoise (via the website sends me a report of all of the noisy flights, including flight number, distance and altitude. I note in the article on June 28, 2018 that the Airport Authority has dismissed La Jolla noise complaints as insignificant. I think it’s time for us to really fight for our peace and quiet!

I urge everybody in our beach communities in the path of these new lower, closer flight patterns to start filing complaints (how about thousands of complaint buttons going off constantly), join, attend meetings and follow for updates.

Thanks again to the La Jolla Light for following this problem in great detail. The Light is performing a great community service!

Clem Hoffman


‘Small’ cell towers have a ‘big’ impact

Wow. How the media forgets important issues so quickly ... This is in regard to the “Cellular technology” article in the La Jolla Light‘s Aug. 2 issue. There were many articles about Crown Castle and the City’s devious means of silently installing these devices all over La Jolla in 2015 — not only by the Light, but by The San Diego Union-Tribune and several TV stations. Yet, last week’s article states: “It is not known if there are other cells in La Jolla.”

Crown Castle’s word about safety appears to be taken as “gospel.” However, recent studies prove that cell phone wireless radiation (microwaves) is in fact injurious, for one, see:

Crown Castle is famous for claiming that these small cell towers only output the amount of radiation that would be experienced by a baby monitor. I find that these small cells output about the same amount of radiation (at street level) at 50 meters away as the Mt. Soledad towers do at 200 meters.

In addition to the recent studies by the National Toxocology Program and Ramazzini Institute, several others have shown that children under age 18 are at increased risk to cell phone (and WiFi) radiation:

It is especially callous of Crown Castle, their clients, and the City of San Diego that they allow these injurious small cells to be installed near schools and homes. Some cities, like Encinitas , and many advanced countries, like France, not only forbid cellular transmitters near schools, but soon,WiFi and cell phones at school for kids.

Much of the problem with the proliferation of wireless radiation in the United States is that everyone who is elected and many church (and other) facilities rely on wireless money. People accept the “frying of our children” as an acceptable cost of doing business.

David N. Haney, Ph.D.


Our tarnished jewel requires some independent polishing

I applaud the La Jolla Light for continuing its journalistic efforts to keep La Jollans informed of what is happening in our community. Having spent most of my adult life in San Diego, I would often cycle around and swim in La Jolla — for me, it was one of the most beautiful spots in Southern California.

My husband and I finally moved to La Jolla and find ourselves dismayed and saddened by the continuing deterioration of our “gem.” We echo the sentiments of those who have written to voice concerns over the La Jolla state of affairs. The list is long and continues to grow for what needs attention here.

The City seems to serve as an impediment to any improvement in our Village. We, as a collective group, could care for our area in a much more cost- effective manner. As succinctly stated by letter-writer Mr. Goldberg: “If the good people of Del Mar, Carlsbad, Poway, Solana Beach and Encinitas (Coronado, as well) could pull it off, surely the smart, innovative and influential residents and business owners of La Jolla could, too!”

Nancy C.


$200,000 starts the secession ball rolling for ‘City of La Jolla’

I’d like to share some of the latest good news about becoming our own city. After my letter appeared in the La Jolla Light last month, I had lots of phone calls from people who agreed that La Jolla should separate itself from the City of San Diego and become Independent La Jolla. Now, if all those people would contribute some funds to the process, we will make this happen. The process is in place, it just takes money.

The good news is we’ve been offered $200,000, so the ball is rolling. We just need six more people to donate — or 12 people who give $100,000. All we all want for La Jolla is on the other side of $850,000!

Please go to our website — — all the questions and answers are there. Or call me at (858) 454-5939. There is so much money in our amazing community, and I do not believe anyone wants to say on their death bed, “I should have bought more crap!” This is a chance to make a difference that will go down in history, a way to give back. The process has started, be a founder of the City of La Jolla!

Melinda Merryweather


Quick driving lesson

You are driving south on Girard Avenue, approaching Pearl Street. There are three lanes: the right (right turn only), center (right or straight), and the left (left or straight). The light is red. You choose the left lane. Cars are now behind you.

You do not signal left. When the light turns green, you are now obligated to go straight, as that is the intent you are communicating to the other drivers.

Got it?!

David Gray


Readers ready for some La Jolla bliss in La Jolla Light!

As loyal readers of La Jolla Light, we enjoy and always look forward to the new issue every week; great work and thanks so much to the whole team! While we have the “Tarnishing Our Jewel” corner, we think a new corner that pictures the uniqueness of La Jolla would also be quite interesting for readers. We can call it “The Bliss of Our Jewel” corner.

The idea is to spot something original and authentic in La Jolla — one nice color picture and brief description, one object per week — submitted by readers. These things could be as simple as a statue or street sign, to a rare pet/animal to provide memories, warm our hearts and put the smiles on our faces.

To add the fun, we don’t need to put the exact address, just the area where the item is located so people (who are really interested) can walk and find it for their satisfaction.

To give some examples, we offer these two pictures above. What’s your take?

The Liems

— Editor’s Note: The La Jolla Light staff loves the idea and looks forward to receiving some fun and clever “The Bliss of Our Jewel” reader submissions. Send photos and captions to


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