Our Readers Write: La Jollans share their views about inspiring UCSD sculpture; sea lions are ‘beach pigs’

WATCH FOR THE WATER LINE: I snapped this photo on a Jan. 20 low-tide walk beneath the glorious cliffs along Torrey Pines State Beach. — Patricia Vellinga
WATCH FOR THE WATER LINE: I snapped this photo on a Jan. 20 low-tide walk beneath the glorious cliffs along Torrey Pines State Beach. — Patricia Vellinga
(Patricia Vellinga)

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Letters to the Editor from the Jan. 24, 2019 issue of La Jolla Light as La Jollans speak out on local issues:


UCSD sculpture inspires mom and son

I recently wrote my son an e-mail I thought La Jolla Light readers might enjoy:

Hi Ben,

So, the weirdest thing happened today on my Cove walk. You know that new sculpture we saw at UC San Diego over Christmas — the one that was just this big tall pole with a light on the top? Well, I heard you could see it from La Jolla Cove. So on my morning walks, I looked for it. It is really pretty easy to find. When you look toward Scripps Pier you see a bunch of red lights that don’t blink (I think those are from some construction cranes at UCSD). Then to the right of that there are some bright white lights that just blink all the time. (I don’t know what those are).

And then a little further right, all alone, is one really bright light that blinks irregularly. You do have a sense it is blinking with urgency and with some sort of pattern. Once you find it, it is really easy to pick out again (unless it is really cloudy, than you can’t see it at all). It is like a beacon, and you really feel it is sending out a message. It feels like it is just for me. (Well, I am the only one there at 5 a.m.).

Anyway, it is in the distance, so as I walk east I see it for a long time. I stare at it as it beckons me towards it. I watch the blinks and can really tell it is a message. So I decided to Google “Morse Code.” I now can pick out some letters and eventually some words. You get the sense of rhythm to the letters that turn into words. I feel like a spy picking out a secret message.

Well, I already kind of know what it says from the docent. I’ve gotten really good at picking out “god” (--. --- -..) and “wrath” (.-- .- .-. - ….). It has been really fun. Sure beats thinking about all that other stuff in my head!

Up until now, it has always been a white light. Today I looked up and the light was blue. Not too surprising, I remember the docent said it changes color. But as I kept staring at the light, I couldn’t find the familiar patterns I had come to recognize. There was something different in the code and message. I tried to remember the Morse Code I had learned and started to pick out some letters. It was pretty confusing. It took me a while to figure it out. (I guess my Morse Code is still not that good).

But, I am pretty sure it was something like “Hello Mom, this is Ben telling you I love you and had a lot of fun with you over Christmas.”

Weird, huh?

Sibyl Wescoe


Pinnipeds as ‘beach pigs’? Really?

I agree wholeheartedly with the fine citizen who in a letter last week characterized the sea lions as “beach pigs.” He bravely observes how these creatures, apparently unlike him, defecate, thereby placing our very human existence at risk! Echoing his words, we should demand our City take immediate action to rid the world of these useless beings truly ruining the natural beauty of our oceanfront community.

But why stop with merely ridding ourselves of these “pigs?” Although this may come as a shock, all sea life and bird life produce waste and are odorously insensitive to our comfort.

Chlorination is the answer! We need to chlorinate and acid wash the ocean and the beaches. We must drive away every living thing that isn’t human. Because making our beach community look and smell natural is really what it is all about, isn’t it?

Dave Bola


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