Opinion: Welcome to La Poopa (formerly known as La Jolla)


Opinion / Guest Commentary / Our Readers Write:

Hum, what do I mean by saying La Poopa? Well, I have a gripe because there seems to be a real problem in La Jolla with some dog owners engaging in irresponsible and just plain disrespectful behavior in this great community. It makes me wonder which one is smarter, the owner or the dog? Sometimes I think the answer is definitely the dog.

Here are some examples:

• I live in La Jolla and love to walk my Golden Retriever everywhere. He needs the exercise and so do I. We walk about 5-7 miles a day, often taking different routes. Lately, every 5-6 feet along Draper Street, somebody has let their dog poop and they leave the excrement. There is also dog poop all along the bike path and almost everywhere that we walk.

What planet are these people on? This is so disgusting, unsanitary and disrespectful to our community. Here is a memo for those pet owners: There is no dog poop pick-up service that comes around and cleans up after your dog. This is your job as a responsible dog owner. If you don’t want that responsibility, you should not own a dog.

• People with big dogs, medium-size dogs and small dogs are not exempt from cleaning up after their dog. I have noticed that some small dog owners seem to think that little poops don’t matter. Poop is poop, big or small. All dog owners should take a poop bag with them when they walk their dogs and pick up the poop. Take some pride in our community and don’t disrespect it. Give a poop. (You know what I mean.)

• Recently, I was sitting down at WindanSea enjoying the beautiful beach and ocean view. Much to my dismay, I watched as a dog owner allowed his dog to pee on at least three of the public benches. I have seen this happen several times in the past while people were sitting on the bench. It even happened to me once when I was sitting on the bench. What I told the owner of the dog will remain a secret.

Most people know that when a dog pees, marking its trail, most other dogs will pee in the same area. Why would any responsible dog owner allow their dog to pee on a public bench that people — including children — sit on and play around? What goes through this person’s mind? It reminds me of a saying my mother had: “Son, there is no cure for stupidity. Please don’t be stupid.”

• A few days ago, I was sitting on a bench at WindanSea watching a dog that the owner habitually allows to run off-leash. The owner was up by a bench and the dog was loose down on the beach pooping. The owner never picked up his dog’s poop. Oh well, not my problem. Really?

• While walking along the bike trail, sidewalks and even on the beach, you will find bags filled with dog poop left by the dog owner. As far as I know, there is no concierge dog poop pick-up service provided by the City of San Diego. What is this person thinking when they actually bagged the poop and then just leave it in a bag right where their dog pooped? Do they think, “Well, I am sure that someone else will take care of this for me since I did half of the work.” Really?

It’s time for people to start giving a poop. (You know what I mean.) Your dog is your responsibility. That includes picking up your dog’s poop and being a responsible and respectful dog owner. We should all take pride in the beauty of our community. That responsibility means you pick up the poop and then put the poop in a trash can. Otherwise, I think we should start taking photographs of the offenders and submit their poop mug shots with their dog to the La Jolla Light.

I wrote this article because I care about our community. I am sick and tired of seeing dog poop everywhere. As for the many responsible dog owners, THANK YOU for caring about our community!