LOCAL LORE: You never know who you’ll meet in La Jolla!


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In July 2016, when Carla Ann Parra opened La Jolla’s Little Vitamin Shop at 1115 Wall St. — rebranded in 2017 as Lifely Wellness — she placed a table and chair out front, along with a sandwich-board sign advertising “Expert Advice Here.” She meant it to apply to nutritional supplements, but people walked up and asked for help with other things — their love lives and work situations — and she played along.

Among the passersby who stopped to chat that Saturday afternoon was a man wearing a fedora and a smirk. He playfully asked Parra what sort of advice she had. She responded in kind, asking what sort he needed.

“What about investments?” he asked.

Para recalled being taken aback.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” she said. “Then I remembered about this insulin-type drug from Europe that wasn’t approved here yet that my brother told me about.”

Carla Ann Parra, owner of Lifely Wellness, had an encounter in front of her La Jolla store that some people find difficult to believe.

Parra passed the info along to the smirking fedoraed man, who thanked her. Then she asked if he had any investment advice for her.

He leaned over and said, “Berkshire-Hathaway,” and then waited for a glint of recognition that never came.

“You don’t know who I am, do you?” the man asked.

Parra guessed: “Berkshire?”

The man laughed, then walked west on Wall Street. Parra watched him enter Burger Lounge.

When Parra told the story to a friend that evening, he immediately whipped out his cell phone and started Googling.

“Is this the guy you met?!” he asked hysterically, holding the photo up to her face.

It was.

“You gave investment advice to Warren Buffett?!” he screamed.

The world’s third-wealthiest person — whose net worth is estimated at $89.9 billion — reportedly owns a home in La Jolla.

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