La Jolla Elementary Run Club honors top tracksters


La Jolla Elementary School celebrated its fastest and most dedicated runners in this year’s Run Club at a school-wide celebration June 10. Honoring the three runners of each gender in each grade that logged the most miles during the before-school group this year, 30 medals were given out to the applause of parents and classmates.

Joking that “a lot of track scholarships are in their future,” principal Donna Tripi helped distribute the awards.

First grade girl medalists: Anya Rastogi, Luciana Balderrabano Sosa and Ariela Palmer

First grade boy medalists: Jacobo Carrasco, Joseph Crudo and Preston Dinofia

Second grade girl medalists: Presley Lloyd, Astrid Egan and Danielle Breise

Second grade boy medalists: Owen O’Keefe, Max Millard and Evan Senerath

Third grade girl medalists: Charlotte Ward, Katta Cox and Hayden Powers

Third grade boy medalists: Wyatt Olmert, Fernando Balderrabano Sosa and Jackson Lloyd

Fourth grade girl medalists: Lana Ferrell, Lindsay Laumann and Ellie Levine

Fourth grade boy medalists: Logan MacLean, Reid Krebs and Josh Henry

Fifth grade girl medalists: Scarlett Slagter, Nina Korevaar and Carmen Roesing

Fifth grade boy medalists: Wil Buckley, Yimeng (Simon) Yin and Wes Olmert

The school’s top overall runner was Wil Buckley, who logged 214.93 miles this year and a whopping 1,295.93 miles during his entire time at La Jolla Elementary School. “Wil comes from a family of avid runners so it is no surprise that running comes so naturally to him and he is continuing the tradition,” said Kelly Wiskus, the school’s physical education coach. “In addition to running at school, Wil runs with his family and competes in various 5K events during the year and excels in soccer and baseball, as well.”