La Jolla Shores Association for more dedicated funds


Frustration filled the room at the May 11 meeting of the La Jolla Shores Association (LJSA) as board members showed their irritation over the relentless fight against city bureocracy and the lack of dedicated funds for community improvements. “It all comes down to financial issues,” said LJSA chair Nick LeBeouf. “I hear us month after month talk about needed changes, and some of these changes happen and some don’t happen.”

Drawing their line in the sand, the board voted unanimously to send a letter to Mayor Kevin Faulconer requesting the creation of a specific fund for the Shoreline Park at La Jolla Shores, using some of the revenue generated from kayak concessionaires and other Shores businesses, which the city keeps in its general fund.

Trustee John Sheridan confronted Councilmember Sherry Lightner’s representative Justin Garver on the slow movement of affairs when the city is involved. Garver explained that “the way Park & Rec operates is most of their budget comes from the general fund, so the increased trash pickups are general funded, the additional lifeguards for the area are general funded, additional equipment for the lifeguards is general funded, so currently all of these departments that operate in La Jolla Shores operate off the general fund.”

Still, Garver recommended LJSA bring their request to city authorities.

LeBeouf suggested that board members consider starting a Maintenance Assessment Distric (MAD) in the Shores. “I believe that a MAD for La Jolla Shores would be an incredible improvement for all the projects that we want done that don’t get done for the lack of funding, basically,” he said.

LeBeouf encouraged board members and the residents come forward to lead the project. “It’s a lot of work, but I think it would be a great solution,” he said. The drive for a MAD in La Jolla Village is also underway for similar community improvment reasons. (See story, A26)

In other Shores news:

Kayaks and Buses: With the summer tourist season days away, San Diego Lifeguard Marine Safety Lt. Rich Stropky presented a Shores traffic report to the board. Las summer, a Request for Proposal (RPF) was carried out to reduce the amount of traffic caused by kayak transport from the businesses to the beach. Stropky said kayak-related traffic dropped 70 percent. “We took control of it,” he said. “We made a very efficient schedule that revolves around the duplication of kayaks. So in the morning, they drop 24 off and those kayaks are recycled. They can use 20 kayaks to go on a tour for two hours. When they come back, the next group is ready to go.”

Though pleased with the news, the board brought up another issue: The tourist buses. Stropky said that not much can be done about them. “As long as they are not breaking any community codes, there is no violation for them to come and drop off people, as long as they are abiding by the rules,” he said.

Trustees reported that buses, not having four or five parking spots in a row open, stop to drop off tourists on crosswalks. Stropky replied, “If there’s a violation, then absolutely; there’s some enforcement around to take care of that.” Garver suggested citizens remain vigilant of parking violations and identify hourly patterns so authorities can be alerted and present during those times for enforcement.

California Pesticides: Trustee Terry Kraszweski brought up concerns about the pesticide used citywide for parks and lawns. She said the substance, which was previously accepted by the State of California, had now been deemed “unsafe,” and “Our children and pets are playing on the grass,” she said.

Garver explained that the issue is in litigation, and the State won’t be able to change its legislation about pesticides until the case resolves. But Kraszweski pressed, “We should be the city that bans it, because it’s been deemed unsafe.” The board tabled the discussion to next month’s agenda.

Street Construction: Chair LeBeouf reminded the board that for the next three Saturdays, Camino del Oro and Camino de la Plata will be closed for repavement.

La Jolla Shores Association next meets 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 8 at 8840 Biological Grade.