The Shack is Back!


The WindanSea Surf Shack has returned for its 70th year, after being removed in the winter by Friends of WindanSea, the landmark’s caretakers, who watched an El Niño storm collapse the structure. A group of volunteers built the new structure from donated eucalyptus trees.

“The poles are bigger and the holes are bigger now,” said Melinda Merriweather, co-founder of Friends of WindanSea. She said they bought stainless steel hardware to make the structure sturdier.

The roof has yet to be replaced with palm fronds and the Friends need donations of canary date palms, “Preferably when they are green,” Merryweather said.

She added that The Shack was originally built by a surfer who wanted the shade for his wife and child, while he spent the day surfing the waves at WindanSea Beach. After the Christmas parade, the roof will be taken down to prevent the structure from collapsing again.

To donate palm fronds, call (858) 454-5939.