La Jolla News Nuggets, June 30


Fireworks, parades set for July 4 in La Jolla

Throughout Independence Day (Monday, July 4), events in La Jolla will celebrate the red, white and blue. Starting with the Bird Rock Parade, when floats and residents (on scooters, bikes and trikes) make their way down Beaumont Avenue beginning 10 a.m. at Camino de la Costa and ending at Mira Monte. Volunteers and donations are still needed. More information at

At the same time, in the Barber Tract neighborhood, a parade will start on Monte Vista. Residents and friends walk the neighborhood in their patriotic finest, with Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty walking or riding on their car float nearby. The celebration concludes with a block party, including music and snacks. More information at

The big finale will be 9 p.m. at La Jolla Cove, when the sky lights up with fireworks. With funding secured, the annual display can best be seen from Ellen Browning Scripps Park.

New plants take root at Whale View Point

To encourage new growth of plants at Whale View Point (along Coast Boulevard), the team behind the Whale View Point Shoreline Enhance Project roped off areas where new planting went in, and team leader Ann Dynes recently reported their efforts prevailed. “If you can keep people off of even the barest of dirt surfaces, new growth occurs. Nature comes back if given a chance,” she said via e-mail.

“Over the winter, we removed some of the dead sea lavender bushes in the field of sea lavender across from 375 Coast Blvd. and discovered that, with exposure to sun and moisture, new plants of sea lavender start cropping up! The sea lavender propagates itself if it is not trampled on. We decided that selective barriers to humans thoughtlessly walking among the plants would be relatively cheap and easy thing to do and helpful to re-establishing the health of that field,” she added.

“This week we were fortunate to secure another right of entry permit from the city, this time to rope off the sea lavender field and to direct visitors to a couple of pathways to the beach, this rather than the dozen or more which the public does not need and where new plants are starting to sprout new growth. (Soon) you will see our efforts to protect the native vegetation at this location, which we hope to keep in place through the summer busy season.”

Learn more about the Whale View Point project at or by attending La Jolla Parks & Beaches advisory group meetings, 4:30 p.m. fourth Mondays at La Jolla Rec Center, 615 Prospect St.

UC San Diego nabs two architecture awards

The San Diego chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects has honored UCSD’s Campus Pointe with the “President’s Award” and the Revelle College Housing Neighborhood Renewal with a “Merit” award.

The Campus Pointe area includes a 24-acre life-science laboratory campus, which sits at the rim of several native San Diego canyons within a Torrey Pine grove. Focus was given to the well-being of the user by providing several healthy opportunities such as a fitness center, a basketball court, a multipurpose lawn, a 0.8-mile loop trail, chess tables, sunny and shaded outlook areas and two organic gardens whose produce is used at the on-site bistro.

Features of the Revelle College Housing Neighborhood Renewal project include the update of two residence halls and a dining facility constructed in the 1960s and ’70s to create fun, active, social spaces that got students out of their rooms to create positive campus memories. In the process, the landscape architect also improved functional issues, including sustainability, bicycle parking and circulation conflicts.

Deceased La Jolla judges recognized by Bar Foundation

Late La Jolla residents Judge Gilbert Harelson and Judge Douglas R. Woodworth have been inducted into the San Diego County Bar Foundation’s Distinguished Lawyer Memorial, which recognizes lawyers and judges of the San Diego County Bar who have passed away and left behind superior legal skills and high ethical standards throughout careers of significant length.

The Foundation reports that for more than 50 years, Harelson served the legal community and San Diego with dedication, diligence and integrity.

Harelson’s even courtroom demeanor, decisiveness and sense of fair play, along with his quick quit and humor, made him one of the most respected and liked members of the judiciary.

Regarding Woodworth, the Foundation said, in 1968, he was appointed by Gov. Ronald Reagan to the Municipal Court. He was elevated to the Superior Court in 1972.

Woodworth formally retired from the bench in 1988, although he continued to work by assignment as a “substitute judge” for many years.

Assembly Speaker honors WildCoast

Assembly Speaker Emeritus Toni G. Atkins touts WildCoast, an Imperial Beach-based bi-national environmental advocacy group, as the 2016 “Nonprofit of the Year” for the 78th Assembly District.

WildCoast works to protect public and private coastal zones and Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in South San Diego County and Baja California. WildCoast efforts in La Jolla include protecting its MPAs — San Diego Scripps MPA, which runs from Scripps Pier north to Black’s Beach, and includes the tidepooling area and the rocky area just north of Scripps Pier; Matlahuayl Reserve that goes from the western edge of La Jolla Cove, aka Point La Jolla, up to Scripps Pier, and includes the Cove and La Jolla Shores; and South La Jolla MPA, which spans the beach at Palomar Street down to Diamond Street and its adjacent, offshore MPA (not affected by tidepooling and beach activities).

“I have the privilege of representing an area rich in natural resources,” Atkins said. “WildCoast helps preserve the area and its wildlife through community involvement. By both educating our residents and engaging them in the environmental issues that face our area, WildCoast provides a community service in addition to conservation advocacy. ” More at:

Fourth-grader raises $8,000 for Ecuador Earthquake victims

When Marc Jinich, a 9-year-old student at the San Diego Jewish Academy (SDJA), won the first place in the elementary school level of the University of San Diego’s 2016 “Character Counts Essay Contest,” he thought best to give the prize money to the victims of the April 16 earthquake in Ecuador. Furthermore, he continued fundraising and organized a Fun Run event, eventually producing $8,199 for the earthquake victims. The money will be used to acquire a water tank and mattresses for inhabitants of one of the villages.

Marc said he first learned about the earthquake from Head of Lower School Kelley King, whose sister Kim lives in Ecuador and was a victim of the earthquake. Although Kim’s fiancé was injured in the natural disaster, they are both well and participating in the effort to rebuild the affected areas.

When notified of the gift coming from Marc, Kim said: “A young man named Marc has become a village’s hero; a boy who, at age 9, rose above and beyond what one might hope from the most compassionate and altruistic of adults.”

Aussies suggest visiting La Jolla

Elle Magazine Australia gives a shout out to La Jolla this month. In a roundup of cool things to do in San Diego, Elle tells its readers: “La Jolla is a quaint town about a 15-minute drive from the heart of San Diego, brimming with gorgeous stores and eateries. Take a morning trip to this beachside spot for a village-style shopping experience, incredible views over La Jolla Cove and gastronomic goodies. Georges At The Cove is our top pick for lunch, voted San Diego’s best restaurant and home to local Californian cuisine.”

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