La Jolla News Nuggets, Aug. 11

California Sea Grant Fellows take coastal walk to La Jolla

Morgan Visalli and Jocelyn Enevoldsen (aka MoJo pictured at right) are environmental science graduates from UC Santa Barbara who’ve taken on the task of walking the 1,300 miles of the California Coastal Trail. On Tuesday, Aug. 2 they passed through La Jolla and met with students and beachgoers for a chat by Scripps Pier.

The coast has been used as a trail for as long as people inhabited the land, states the “Completing the California Coastal Trail” report (Coastal Conservancy, 2003). “Native tribes residing near the coast on a permanent or seasonal basis used the readily accessible beaches and coastal grassland bluffs as transportation and trading routes, and many subsequent visitors have trod those same paths.”

Posting pictures of their adventure to several social media networks, MoJo said they started their journey to bring awareness of the Trail, jumpstart a movement to complete it, and “build a connected community of coastal stewards.”

“The idea for the coast walk came about when Jo found out about the Trail during her fellowship,” they write on their website “When we first heard about the dream to build a trail along the entire California coastline we were instantly inspired, and knew it was time to put our knowledge and skills to work to find innovative ways to make this dream a reality.”

State law helps reduce unvaccinated kindergarteners

The number of U.S. children, ages 4-6, that alleged the personal belief exemption to skip vaccinations dropped from 4.5 percent (2013-2014) to 3.6 percent (2015-2016). In California, this rate went from 3.2 percent (2013-2014) to 2.4 percent (2015-2016).

Senate Bill 277, which went into effect July 1, removes the personal belief vaccine exemption for children attending daycare and public and private schools. County health officials hope to see the number of unvaccinated children keep falling this school year.

County authorities will be surveying locals about their immunizations in the coming months. Eleven interviewers will be phoning residents from 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday-Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. The results of the survey will shed light on what proportions of infants, pregnant women, adolescents, adults and seniors are fully immunized.

Networking organization marks 35th year in business

LeTip La Jolla, the oldest chapter in San Diego, is celebrating its 35th anniversary. Created in June 5, 1981, the networking group’s mission for members has been to exchange qualified business tips, build solid business relationships, develop strong presentation skills and become proficient networkers. The club meets 6:45-8:30 a.m. most Fridays at the Hotel Sheraton La Jolla, 3299 Holiday Court. Only one representative of any given profession is accepted into the chapter. More details at

Ominous music makes you dislike sharks, says study

Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) researchers reached the conclusion that your opinion of sharks is affected by the sound effects in documentaries. SIO scientist Andrew Nosal, lead author of the report, collaborated with a Harvard college to study some 2,000 Internet surveys that participants submitted after watching a 60-second video of swimming sharks.

The results reveal that participants who watched the video with ominous background music rated sharks more negatively than those who viewed the clip with uplifting music or no music.

“Given that nature documentaries are often regarded as objective and authoritative sources of information, it is critical that documentary filmmakers and viewers are aware of how the soundtrack can affect the interpretation of the educational content,” Nosal said, adding that foreboding background music could hinder shark conservation efforts.

City to ‘refine’ DecoBike locations in La Jolla

Following the La Jolla Light report on DecoBike and its possible resurgence in La Jolla (“DecoBike still coming to La Jolla?” Aug. 4 issue), the City of San Diego announced it would “refine its list of proposed bike-sharing stations by the end of August and looks forward to the community’s review.” However, it was not disclosed (nor were inquiries responded to by press time) what type of review the city would offer.

Although La Jolla’s community advisory groups rejected proposed DecoBike locations in La Jolla with near unanimity in 2014, in late July, the City of San Diego’s Smart Growth & Land Use Committee held a meeting to discuss proposed DecoBike bike-sharing kiosk locations in La Jolla, indicating the locations would be implemented by the end of September. The installation would bring the city in line with a partnership agreement the city filed with DecoBike in 2013.

Through DecoBike, riders rent a bicycle short-term from a station and return to either the original station or another one nearby. More than a dozen locations – many with 16 bicycles at each station – are suggested between Bird Rock and La Jolla Shores.

County tax collector to mail out default notices

San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister’s office will begin to mail default notices to taxpayers who failed to pay their first, second or both installments of the 2015-2016 property tax bill(s) or have a prior year unpaid tax bill. The bill reflects a 10-percent penalty previously added to each unpaid installment and an added 1.5 percent per month (18 percent per year) penalty. Penalties will continue to accrue until the bill is paid in full.

“Last year we mailed 20,069 default notices,” said McAllister. “This week, we will be mailing 19,207 defaulted tax bills which is a slight drop from last year. The total amount due is $104,172,295. These numbers are a positive indication that our economy is showing improvement. More taxpayers are paying what they owe on time and that is a wonderful sign.”

Under California State law, the Treasurer-Tax Collector may sell any or all portions of properties that have been in default for five years.

Payments can be made at any of the five locations throughout the county, by calling (855) 829-3773, or online at

Bed & Breakfast Inn for sale

The 6,110-square-foot Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla, which sits on a 7009-square-foot lot at 7753 Draper Ave., is listed for sale at $6.3 million.

An Irving Gill design, built in 1913 for the Kautz Family, the building is No. 179 on the San Diego Historical Register. The structure is an example of the Cubist style of architecture that demonstrates the elegance of simplicity of line and form, a style compatible with the California way of life. In 1984, the property was restored and expanded to contain 15 luxury bedroom suites, some with ocean views. Guests can gather in the dining room for breakfast, a secluded garden courtyard for afternoon refreshments, or read a book in the upstairs library, adjacent is the rooftop ocean-view patio.

The property includes a full kitchen, laundry, lobby and office. The listing broker is Richard Stone, (626) 437-8701.