La Jolla Shores Association readies for March election

La Jolla Shores Association Chair Nick LeBeouf said he hopes next month’s elections produce a board that is knowledgeable and engaged in the community. Nine board seats are open with both one- and two-year terms. At LJSA’s Feb. 10 meeting at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, interested candidates had the opportunity to offer statements to encourage votes. Additional residents and business operators reportedly expressed interest in running, but were not in attendance to confirm their candidacy or give a statement.

Current board members Terry Kraszewski, Shahar Compton and Jenny Feinberg announced they would be running for re-election. Previous board member and community volunteer Mary Munk also announced she would seek a seat.

In her statement, Kraszewski said, “I’ve served on this board for many years, and have also served on the Friends of La Jolla Shores committee and the La Jolla Shores Business Association. I’ve enjoyed helping the community and look forward to making more positive changes.”

In his, Compton said, “As a resident and recording secretary for LJSA, I’d like to continue to serve the community while interacting with residents and businesses to keep our community at its absolute best and welcoming conditions. I strive for the preservation of the community while welcoming modern ideas for a cleaner, environmentally friendly neighborhoods that is welcomed by all.”

Current LJSA treasurer Feinberg stated, “As a resident and business owner, it’s been a privilege to interact with the board and the community. I would like to continue to serve.”

Munk, who chairs the Friends of La Jolla Shores group, said, “I’ve been lucky enough to live here since 2000 and there are lots of places we can make some major differences and I would like to help pull the community together to make that happen.”

Ballots will be completed and mailed out to eligible voters before the 6:30 p.m. March 9 meeting. The ballot submission deadline will be start of the meeting.

To keep next year’s LJSA board proactive, ways to be more involved were introduced — chiefly, relating to UC San Diego developments and other community advisory boards. Anu Delouri, assistant director for communications and community planning at UCSD, often reports to the board about campus changes and projects. However, as former board member Tim Lucas noted, by the time Delouri can speak about a development, it is too late for public comment. “We are the ones impacted by campus growth, such as more students, more parking (structures) and more traffic, so community members should somehow be involved in the process before it gets to a point that’s too late (for input),” he said.

Agreeing, Delouri said she and her staff have been thinking of having a “work group” comprised of UCSD staff and community members to address this very issue. “If there isn’t communication, you won’t know what our struggles are and we won’t know what your struggles are,” she said. “Sharing information is key because there has to be a little bit of trust there.” She said she would report back with information about the work group as details become finalized.

To increase community engagement, LeBeouf offered a brief presentation on the other La Jolla boards that make decisions that impact the Shores, and he encouraged participation on these boards. He said LJSA appoints representatives to La Jolla Traffic & Transportation and La Jolla Permit Review Committee, who speak for the Shores should an issue affecting the area arise. The findings of these boards are ultimately ratified by La Jolla Community Planning Association.

More directly tied to the Shores, he said the La Jolla Shores Advisory Board is a group appointed by the mayor (LJSA can recommend candidates for this board), and tasked with reviewing all applications for permits within La Jolla Shores Planned District. The board submits its recommendations to a planning director. Its findings are typically reported at LJSA meetings.

LJSA member Janie Emerson explained the La Jolla Shores Permit Review Committee is an important, but challenging, committee to be on. “It’s a tough board because you have to know the La Jolla Shores Planned District Ordinance (or blueprint for design), design manual, municipal code, how to read plans and be willing to go and look at these projects. Members need to know what they’re talking about when they vote on projects (and report to LJSA).”

Lastly, LeBeouf explained the role LJSA has in the greater La Jolla Park and Recreation Council. “Responsibility for La Jolla public parks is split among three groups: La Jolla Park & Rec, La Jolla Parks & Beaches, and La Jolla Shores Association. LJSA has responsibility for Kellogg Park, Laureate Park, Allen Field and Cliffridge Park. On our website — — we have a map that shows the parks in our purview,” he said. “When the summer and holidays get closer, we will need to gather volunteers and fundraise for signage to enforce the park rules.”

Overall, LeBeouf said he was “excited” for the year — and board — to come.

La Jolla Shores Association meets

6:30 p.m second Wednesdays at SIO’s Martin Johnson House, 8840 Biological Grade.