Breaking: Lifeguards search for diver at Cove, Friday

La Jolla Cove was temporarily evacuated about 2 p.m. Friday afternoon, July 15, so lifeguards could search for a diver who was observed going underwater, but was not observed coming back up.

San Diego lifeguards searched for the individual using free-divers, SCUBA divers, helicopters, data buoys and rescue boats. The diver has not been found, but is not believed to still be under the water.

James Gartland, Marine Safety Captain for San Diego Lifeguards, reported, “We feel that we competently covered the area (where the diver was last seen) and he is not in the area. We searched for an hour. It’s feasible the person swam away or held his breath longer than the reporting party realized. We don’t have a reason to continue searching.”

Lifeguards also conducted public announcements asking if anyone was missing someone matching that description, but no one came forward. Additional details will be reported in the July 21 issue of La Jolla Light.