OUR READERS WRITE: Letters from the June 16 issue


If a group of homeless people occupied The Cove beach, fouled the water, prevented use of the beach and rendered swimming dangerous, they would be removed within 48 hours, but apparently the rights of mammals exceed those of humans. I have walked along The Cove every day and have seen tourists with masks on, handkerchiefs over their noses and literally gagging from the smell. I have heard of the complaints by restaurant and store owners how their businesses have been adversely affected. I take no comfort in hearing that yet another forum is scheduled to discuss the problem.

In 1950, there were 10,000 sea lions on the California coast. There are now 300,000! I have no idea how to solve the problem, but if we are to preserve the quality of life and protect the social and economic future of La Jolla, something must be done - other than talk about it.

H. Lee Sarokin

The La Jolla Rough Water Swim is cancelled due to polluted La Jolla Cove water. The San Diego Union-Tribune publishes in its Weather section every day of tourist season that La Jolla Children’s Pool has “Polluted waters to avoid.” It seems obvious to me that the City of San Diego now has definite proof that the La Jolla seals and sea lions are not just a potential hazard, but a definite health hazard, and can legally be removed under MMPA Section 109(h).

As that is not going on, the La Jolla Town Council continues to discuss the matter and recommends that it be discussed at the next meeting. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results (or any results in this absurdity). Stupid is as stupid does (nothing). La Jolla — The Jewel? No — The Sewer (La Cloaca).

Pete Ward

I attended the La Jolla Town Council meeting on June 9, which was supposed to be a moderated discussion about the “sea lion crisis at The Cove.” I thought that this meeting would entail a serious and thoughtful discussion about the gravity of doing anything to address the issue of sea lions on the beach at the La Jolla Cove. Instead, it was almost a mob mentality of doing anything necessary to drive away the sea lions from the beach. There were approximately 150 people laughing and applauding ways that they could harass the sea lions on the beach at The Cove.

It is sickening to know that people do not see harassment of sea lions as the animal abuse it is. Methods mentioned to use to drive the sea lions away were throwing firecrackers at them, using a cattle prod, air horn sirens, electrified fencing and high-powered water pressure hoses to drive the sea lions away. The moderator of the meeting even stated to the group that if she herself had to go down to the beach and harass the sea lions to leave, she would do so. The crowd roared with laughter and applauded.

I was both shocked and saddened that a group of adults would laugh at being cruel to the sea lions and find it acceptable. Obviously the sea lions were driven from Goldfish Point, the Clamshell and the bluffs by kayakers and people getting too close to them. In my opinion, the gate being opened allowing people closer access to the sea lions and the acrid chemical spraying of the bluff has caused the sea lions to move to the beach at The Cove.

More harassment of the sea lions is not the answer. I support the sea lions. The challenge of educating people about living in harmony with wild life is daunting, but it must be done. Somehow we all must accept that the sea lions have a right to live here.

Nancy Lee

An open letter to Mayor Kevin Faulconer:

It was a shame you did not attend the meeting in La Jolla that the Town Council held last week ... the city employee representative did not have a clue about the issue at La Jolla Cove ... many people in La Jolla believe you have no idea where the beach is. The Cove is the biggest tourist attraction we have in La Jolla for swimming and diving. I remember last year you came to one of our meetings and promised to get the lifeguard tower finished in time for our 99th annual Rough Water Swim. Now it is time for our 100th — the oldest in the world and the most famous — and we had to cancel it because our Cove is polluted with (sea lion) poop.

You can fix this! It is my understanding that if the ocean is polluted you find the source of pollution and if at all possible, get rid of the source. We know what the source is, so below you will find 94 (signatures) asking you to remove the pollution at the La Jolla Cove. Now!

Melinda Merryweather (and 94 others)

Council president says thanks for voter support of propositions

“I’d like to thank the voters for their support for Propositions A-G, the City Charter revisions, which were all approved June 7 in the June Primary Election. The Charter Review Committee has spent the past year revising the Charter to make the city government function better for city staff and citizens. These were non-controversial clean-up measures that will help bring the Charter up to date, and I’m very pleased to see that they were approved by the voters.”

Sherri Lightner

San Diego City Council President

Good to print health, safety resources for readers

La Jolla Light ought to run the Mental Health contact information it published on June 9 fairly often or permanently. We have a cadre of people in our hood — 92037 and 92122 — who at times “come apart.”

I was attacked by one a few years ago on the I-5 overpass (Nobel Drive by La Jolla Village Square) in one particular instance. In another, a lady who was under the influence of some substance jumped off our MTS bus at Via La Jolla Drive and La Jolla Village Drive and ran right into rush hour traffic. I called 9-1-1 and followed her to the condo she lived in. Dispatchers sent over a San Diego police officer and a social worker.

Teddy Rodosovich

Editor’s Note: Space permitting, we will plug into our Crime & Safety Report, the resources available to help those with mental illness, which are County Crisis Line: (888) 724-7240. Resource referral service: 2-1-1. The websites: and

Why haven’t we banned leaf blowers?

Am I alone in supporting a ban on gas powered leaf blowers in our community?

On any given day, I feel bombarded by these noisy, smelly, inefficient machines that simply push lawn shavings from one property to another. As a city that is becoming serious about the need to move away from products that pollute, let’s start with these nuisance machines.

If a ban is inconceivable in the immediate term, can we at least encourage one another to decrease lawn services, talk to the workers who maintain our yards about not using these machines or some combination of the two? My lungs, ear, and Mother Nature would appreciate it.

Martin Pszczola

Building codes must apply to all

We all support art. We also support inspection rules that insure good construction and setback laws that guarantee open land along the sidewalks and between properties. We are offended by those who consider themselves above these laws. This sort of arrogance gives artists a black eye. Count me with the two-thirds of La Jollans who say Nasser Pirasteh must tear down the illegal “structure” he created in his front yard.

John Daley

Would it be so bad to ‘bend’ codes?

When pressed against infinity, the grandest phenomenal occurrences in the universe have very little significance. But not so for numerous La Jolla residents when it comes to the June 17 survival decision on the attractive art sculpture “In-Out” at Nasser Pirasteh’s house. On my daily journey down Nautilus canyon to the edge of water for my meditation, I see and feel the aesthetic value of the outstanding “In-Out,” and wish for its constant stand.

Emil Zolfeghari

You’ll find Green sea turtles around all year

I am working to spread awareness of Southern California’s sea turtles and I was delighted to see your piece in the La Jolla Light on June 2. However, the aquarist at Birch Aquarium seems to have mixed up his sea turtles! While the Loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) in the aquarium does indeed migrate from Japan to California and Mexico, and are more commonly seen in our waters in the summer months, Green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) live in Southern California year-round!

They do travel down to the Revillagigedos Islands to breed and lay eggs, but only for short periods, and return to SoCal to feed for the rest of the year. Please remind your readers that Green sea turtles are found in La Jolla waters all year round, and to look out for them in shallow water bays and estuaries, especially around sunrise and sunset.

To learn more, please visit or the NOAA SWFSC Marine Turtle Ecology and Assessment Group website.

Sabrina Mashburn

MAS Marine Biodiversity & Conservation,

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Games on Tuesday raise funds for children’s charity

St. Germaine is a wonderful children’s charity working to stop child abuse in San Diego. Those interested can support St. Germaine by participating in Game Day. You form your own group to play bridge, Rummikub, Mah Jongg, Canasta or any game of your choice on the first Tuesday of every month at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club. Play begins at 10 a.m., we have a nice buffet lunch, and then usually end around 2:30 p.m. (The next event is set for July 5.)

The fee is $30 per person and a portion goes to St. Germaine. Both men and women are welcome. It is a fun day for a good cause! Reservations are required, so please call (650) 430-3177 or e-mail

Marguie Bartels

It must be bonds before divisions when seeking peace

If your stomach is in knots, as mine is, at the news of the slaughter at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, June 12, you must wonder, as I do, what, if anything, is a response that can register not only what we feel, but what must be done. It occurred to me the day before this happened that this election campaign, is in one sense, between those who still have some skin in the game that we call our country, and those whose anger at feeling disenfranchised, makes them willing to tear apart the fragile skin that holds us together.

Aside from the obvious, the first deterrrent would be gun laws that keep assault weapons from the hands of everyone. Less obvious but even more important, would be learning the simple discipline of embracing each other as the kin we are.

What makes the Pulse nightclub horror ever more poignant is that the people targeted have done as much as any group among us to embrace each other, and, more than most, have paid a heavy price. Everyone drawing breath has skin in the game. There have always been those who don’t see that, and they can do horrendous things, as they did in Orlando. Sorrow will always be a part of our lives.

Once convicted, viscerally of what it means that we breathe common air — every encounter a revelation of another kin — nothing, not even murder, can keep us from the wonder of being here together. May we wrap our arms around those we love, and have loved, defying those who would divert us from daring to put our bonds before our divisions.

Blayney Colmore

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