Letters to the Editor, July 28

Article led to help for Recreation Center

Thank you very much for La Jolla Light reporter Ashley Mackin’s impactful coverage of the Rec Center capital campaign. People read, people listened. I’ve been in some good meetings over the past two weeks with prospective donors. Meetings I would not have had without this coverage. People are very interested in playground renovation and in creating some new programs of interest to La Jolla schools — more STEM and STEAM-oriented programs. This would be fabulous; it’s a good use of the space.

I’ve been so intrigued and pleased by this interest level that we are going to have a Recreation Center Community Meeting sometime in September (date TBD) to just flat-out say to people: What do you want to see here? My hope is that in doing this, residents will come up with suggestions and might even pool their funds so we can do some big stuff that people really want.

One request that comes up a lot is replacing the serviceable-but-ugly chain-link fence with wrought-iron fencing. Totally doable, but $110,000. Big number. However, if neighbors around the perimeter (particularly the folks in the 640 Prospect St. condo who face this fence every day) pooled money and I did my magic on a matching grant, we would get it done.

I’m also talking to Bishop’s School and the La Jolla Tennis Club about doing some joint events, maximizing our proximity. I’m envisioning a pickleball tournament, as this new sport has gotten really hot.

The article in the Light is really the gift that keeps on giving. It greased rusty wheels. Particularly since the potential donors who’ve been calling are folks I’ve never met, who I would have never found. Thank you again for all that you do!

Cindy Greatrex

President, La Jolla Park & Rec, Inc.

Did anyone see basketball hurler?

We need help in solving a crime. Please help us. My wife was assaulted on July 18 at approximately 8 p.m. in the 900 block of Van Nuys Street, near the intersection of Candlelight and Van Nuys.

Someone threw a basketball out of a moving, white SUV and hit her for no reason and with no provocation. Her back and neck are very sore and she has filed a report with Northern Division of the San Diego Police and has also seen a medical provider.

It is very fortunate that she was not struck in the head nor did she fall and strike the ground. She is deeply upset and I can do little to comfort her as I am thousands of miles away on active duty.

It is my sincere hope that someone will come forward and provide information about this incident as there were several people in the car at the time and no one who has a soul can possibly feel good about hurting a defenseless woman, who was walking our dog with her elderly mother. It is a sad day in our community when something like this happens. Send information by e-mail to:

Name withheld by request

Polluted waters of La Jolla making news

The San Diego Union-Tribune, in its Weather Section Beach Report, used to list La Jolla separately for “Polluted waters to avoid”: La Jolla Children’s Pool and La Jolla Cove “beachline.” Now they list the two together on one line. Now, why do you think that is? Could it be that they now expect both water areas to be polluted the entire summer season?

Pete Ward

Adaptive traffic-signal timing a disaster

Six of my neighbors and I have made repeated attempts to contact the correct department/persons to remove the experimental computer traffic control devices around the intersections of Torrey Pines Road/La Jolla Parkway/La Jolla Shores Drive. We have mailed letters to the Department and left phone calls.

Absolutely no response and the problems remain.

The City installed an experimental traffic control system that revised the traffic light timing, allegedly to provide better traffic movement. It is a disaster. Traffic now backs up in all directions, causing it to backup from the Village, up Torrey Pines Road mid-hill after the curve and westbound from I-5. Traffic attempting to turn east (by the fire station) to I-5 from Torrey Pines Road backs up everywhere since the left-turn light to go east will only allow two or three vehicles to turn, of course backing up traffic further since the system does not regulate/stop west-bound La Jolla Parkway traffic before the La Jolla Shores Drive light merge, blocking any attempt for westbound Torrey Pines Road traffic to merge to go into the Village.

Last week there was an emergency at the nursing home. The traffic was stopped, bumper to bumper and the ambulance has to park in the middle lane and try to push the gurney through traffic. Same problem after the person was on the gurney, and the ambulance had a major problem getting back to I-5.

We applaud efforts to explore methods to assist smooth traffic movement, but this is not an improvement.

Please have your traffic control department either revise the system, or preferably, remove it. It was better before.

William Dunne

Code Enforcement department should take the rules seriously

Being a city employee is a job. They are paid very well and have excellent benefits. In return for these jobs, they are required to do their jobs and do them well.

With Code Enforcement, they are required to enforce the rules and regulations established by the City of San Diego and the building department.

90 days a code violation was given to a structure on Avenida Mañana in La Jolla. Nothing has been done to correct the violation! Since the Code Enforcement has an “oh well” attitude towards their job, the department needs to be closed, caused by ineffectiveness. The City can then re-think how their rules can be taken seriously.

Cindy Anderson

Sea lions will destroy The Cove

After living 30 years in la Jolla I would like to express my frustration with the conditions of our Jewell!

The seals and sea lions have been a terrible addition promoted by a group of people that will eventually destroy The Cove.

It started with Children’s Pool and spread to The Cove by enticing the seals to occupy The Cove.

People and tourists that have an hour or less of enjoyment and leave the site with trash and discards and consider it an entertainment. The City of San Diego and residents of La Jolla have to support the difficulties that came with the increasing sea population.

Also the walks and grass areas have lost all appeal.

The grass is gone. The rest is full of sand not swept.

I would encourage our city councilmembers to walk the areas to assess the situation, to be on top of the propaganda for seals created for profit that will cost the city and not benefit its residents, to assess the parking situation.

Look at your areas with love and pride. Are you doing a good enough job?

Could you do more?

God bless the city of San Diego. And save La Jolla!

Elena de Luca

Sea lion solution brings a chuckle

I had to really chuckle when I read about one of the proposed solutions to the ever increasing sea lion colony invading La Jolla Cove.

I am thinking that using a water shooting gun to deter the sea lions would be like like using bacon to chase away a bear.

Hope this image brought a chuckle to your morning.

Jennifer Otto

Kudos to local teen for helping animals

Thank you for publishing the article on Nikita Krishnan, the La Jolla teen who uses a 3-D printer to make prosthetics for injured animals (La Jolla Light, July 21 issue).

Not only did she reach out and help the organization that I volunteer with (Greyhound Adoption Center) she is helping other organizations as well.

I encourage my friends and neighbors to check out her website. We are all so very lucky to have this young girl start a non-profit organization and she is definitely an inspiration!

Mary Flesner

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